Do NOT Fear My Ship of Blockiness!

Do NOT Fear My Ship of Blockiness!

“Your imagination now has a near infinite sandbox to play with, what will you build with the opportunity?!” – MMOHuts

As video game pr people, we’re typically spoiled with games, and we’ve really enjoyed our time working with SPACE ENGINEERS, a game with such an intensely large vision and scope, it’s hard to believe that it’s on Steam Early Access for only $19.99.

The video game media have been digging into the game — check out a few of the hits below and read up on this great title.

And the cmmty has too, take a look at some of the amazing things they’ve put together during the Alpha:

If you haven’t previewed Space Engineers yet — what are you waiting for? Email us and request a code today!


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Space Engineers generates its own unique brand of fun, whether you’re more interested in constructing things or blasting them to bits” – IGN



GAMESPOT takes Space Engineers for a spin on their “Now Playing” Livestream…

Space Engineers Blast Off on JOYSTIQ’s Livestream…. 

Watch live video from Joystiq on Twitch



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Space Engineers presents the truest sandbox experience I’ve ever set foot in…” Game Revolution