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Anno Online mixes SimCity and Civilization, parties like it’s 1399 — GamesRadar

Before I begin, you can grab a free Closed Beta Key for ANNO ONLINE right now, here:


We here at Maverick PR pride ourselves on being pretty serious gamers.  Yes, despite the creep of old age, the interference of pesky things like work, families and other responsibilities, we generally still carve out the time to play many of the new games — from the biggest blockbusters to the smallest indie titles.  Shooters, RPGs, RTS, MMOs… we try to get them all in.  Heaven forbid we’re at a press event and can’t keep up with the conversation about top games of the year.  Heaven.  Forbid.  

That’s why teaming up with Ubisoft has been such a boon for us.  Working with them on their digital titles has opened the door to so many great releases that are outside of the $100m blockbuster juggernaut system.  We’ve been able to explore all kinds of new games, in all kinds of genres, and from all kinds of great franchises that essentially BUILT the industry as we know it today.

Smacking n00bs in ShootMania Storm and building commercial empires in ANNO ONLINE are wildly divergent experiences and both are extremely fun.

I’ve talked a lot about SMS… but let’s talk about ANNO ONLINE.  I can tell you all day about why I like it, but you are going to assume I’m biased.  OK – just one point — I’m building an empire and managing resource for free in a tab in Google Chrome, running all day while I work.  That’s pretty dope.

So, enough of me — why don’t you check out some of these early Closed Beta previews below… and, you can go grab a key to try it for yourself at any of these fine outlets!  It’s great time if you’re into complex, strategic city-building strategy games!


“Anno Online mixes SimCity and Civilization, parties like it’s 1399…a glimpse at the smug Lord Northburgh’s city lets us know that there are months of play in Anno Online.”

“Anno Online shows how complex city-building can be… the lag-free functionality within the confines of a Chrome browser that could potentially make Anno Online a great alternative to many of the retail city-building games currently out there.”

“If you’re looking to colonize like it’s 1399 all over again, Anno Online should be right up your alley. And you won’t even have to pay to find out.”

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