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Another E3 In The Books! Now… Back to Life.

The Maverick Team Knocks Out Yet Another E3 With Awesome Products, Tons of Coverage and Some Sweet, Sweet Awards!

Another June rolls by and another E3 is put to bed, this time with the Maverick team working on some of the highest regarded games and products at the show, from expected hits to sleeper surprises.

Read on below to check out some of the awesome games and products Maverick PR had the chance to work at this year’s extravaganza (in alphabetical order):


Everyone knows that if you want the best gaming headsets you go to ASTRO Gaming, whether it’s for sitting at home on your couch with some A30s and a wireless MixAmp or grinding out a win at a LAN party with your team hooked together on daisy-chained A40s.  There are pretenders out there who try to vie for the crown, but they always come up short in both style and substance.  And now ASTRO has gone and made it harder.

The ASTRO A50s hit E3 with an off-floor showing at the Luxe Hotel.  The short of it – the A50s take the award winning design of the A40s and put the wireless MixAmp inside, streamlining the user experience and creating an amazing new product.  Check out some of the coverage on Polygon, Engadget, IGN, and Co-Optimus.


The FFXIV team has been hard at work on version 2.0 of the game for the past year or so and we are nearing the time when we’ll start taking the wraps off of some of the progress, updates and innovations being worked into this updated title.  At E3, producer and director Naoki Yoshida took time to meet with a select group of writers to show a brief taste of FFXIV 2.0 in action and discuss in detail the goals of the teams and a few of the awesome features.

You can check out some of those details via IGN, GamesBeat, 1UP, Massively and a handful of additional outlets.


Talk about a game that had people salivating to get their hands on it.  HAWKEN wowed gamers starting last year with some amazing gameplay footage, an impression that was only reinforced with later videos showing off this awesome mech game.  Heading into E3, the big question was: how this game could possibly live up to such lofty expectations??

Turns out, the answer was simple — put people in front of it and let them play.

Via an on-floor hands-on showing and an amazing LAN preview party, HAWKEN earned its stripes as one of the most anticipated action games of the year and joined the discussion amongst many as a contender for “Game of Show.”


Last on the alphabetized list, but certainly not last in impact, Quantum Conundrum hit E3 only a couple weeks in front of its anticipated PC launch date.  This game, created by Kim Swift — the mind behind Valve hits like Portal and Left 4 Dead — brings first-person-puzzling to the next level with switchable dimensions that can alter the rules of time and physics mid-game. We here at Maverick know how great the game is and you’re about to find out too!

Media and fans seem to agree, with Quantum Conundrum nabbing a slew of award nominations and wins during E3.  See it on 1UP, IGN, G4TV, The Escapist and many, many more!