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ASTRO Gaming Scout Backpack Praised by Wired’s Game|Life

ASTRO Gaming Scout Backpack reviewed by Wired's Game|Life

If ASTRO Gaming has a peripheral to its award-winning A30 and A40 Headsets and Audio Systems it would have to be their Transport Series of gaming equipment bags.  Wired’s Game|Life was so intrigued by the studio’s gear hauling accessories that they decided to give the ASTRO Gaming Scout Backpack a spin.

The end result was a hearty recommendation from Wired and an 8 out of 10!

Read on for some quotes:

The Scout Backpack is mandatory gear for the geek on the go.

the Scout Backpack is designed with the gamer in mind. From the outside, the bag appears modest. But inside, it is lined with a buttery fabric that softly cradles all your gear.

The Scout’s versatile front compartment will make geeks truly happy.

While I moved around airports, the backpack’s exterior pockets — one for sunglasses and another ideal for quickly stowing a boarding pass and smartphone — got a lot of use.

the Scout’s convenient and thoughtful storage solutions have convinced me to permanently ditch the flimsy and uncomfortable shoulder bag I’ve previously been using to lug my nerd stuff around the country.

Seriously consider this bag for your next geek outing. Penny Arcade Expo is, after all, right around the corner.

WIRED Dazzling array of pockets that will hold anything a geek might want; luxurious inner lining protects your investments.

TIRED Thick fabric can get you a bit sweaty during prolonged use.

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