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Back From PAX East 2012!

Another Penny Arcade Expo is in the books, and this one in the backyard of MavPR (East) HQ — right here in sunny Massachusetts.  Home of the country’s mightiest pro sports teams as well as more Dunkin Donuts than people.

PAX East 2012 was the biggest PAXe yet, and there were more fans, more games, more cosplay and more work than you can shake a stick at.

The Maverick crew worked with Square Enix for PAX East once again this year, booking up quite literally hundreds of media appointments in a private VIP-showing of Sleeping Dogs, Quantum Conundrum, Theatrhythym Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts 3d Dream Drop Distance and Heroes of Ruin. And, just because SE is cool like this, we also got to throw out a special surprise VIP showing of Hitman: Absolution, one of the most anticipated games of the year!

Square Enix had one of the best lineups at the show, and this is a trend that continues into the next year as well.

We had a great time visiting with a ton of media that we rarely get face time with — from old friends to new friends alike.  If you came and wrote, share your links with us either via email or on our [Facebook page].

If you didn’t get a chance to join us for the demos, or you’re just a fan of the games who stumbled across this page, make sure to search around the web for each of the games.  There are hundreds of articles coming out right now and in the next couple of days that can tell you exactly what these titles are like to play!