Big. Huge. List.

At Maverick, we’ve been involved, both individually and collectively, in some of the most seminal product launches in video game history over the last few decades.

We’ve launched titles on nearly every platform, heck we’ve launched some of those platforms!  We’ve promoted more titles and innovated in more genres than you can shake a stick at.  We’ve worked on everything from huge blockbusters to passion projects from some of the most respected development studios in the business, including MicroProse, Bioware, Firaxis, Obsidian Entertainment, Epic Games, Eidos InteractiveCrystal DynamicsHumongous Entertainment, Cavedog Entertainment, Shiny EntertainmentGas Powered Games, Radical Entertainment, Massive Entertainment, Reflections Interactive and publishing behemoths such as Square Enix, Ubisoft, UniversalGT Interactive, Atari, Vivendi, LucasArts and more.

Enjoy scrolling down memory lane with Maverick.