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Bust-A-Move Universe Heads On Tour for 3DS Launch!

BUST-A-MOVE UNIVERSEI don’t know, you might’ve heard that some Japanese company is about to release some new version of some video game platform that everyone seems to love… errr… or something, like, I think it has 3d??

Oh ya, Nintendo is launching the 3DS real soon.  Nintendo-holics and my nephews are going nuts about how cool it will be, and the game sports some killer launch titles.  One of which, Bust-A-Move Universe from Square Enix, Maverick PR was lucky enough to take on tour recently to get in front of the media covering what is sure to be the next mega-handheld gaming system.

For a taste of what to expect from Bust-A-Move Universe, have a view of Square Enix’s own Andy Ahn giving a live demo on GameSpot’s On the Spot.  Nice work, sir!

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