Well, if you know me, you know I love a good RPG and a good puzzle game.  And, just to make sure that I maintain my 1337 street cred after letting those facts slip, I will still hand you your ass in just about any FPS title!

Anyway, back to the point — RPGs and Puzzle Games.  We’re really excited to be working with our friends at D3 Publisher on their upcoming sequel Puzzle Quest: Galactrix.  Galactrix is the sequel to last year’s hit Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords, which I loved, if that wasn’t already apparent.  It’s a surprisingly fun and addictive combination of puzzle game and RPG-like character growth and adventure.

While Warlords was set in a fantasy universe based on the old Warlords franchise, the new Galactrix will take gamers into space with an entirely new gameboard and a new set of mind-bending puzzle moves.  Here’s a screen.

Color me excited!


Gamer 2.0 is an up-and-coming and highly intriguing site focused on marrying coverage of the video game business, the various aspects video game consumerism and even the social ramifications of gaming itself with a look to the future.  Of course, they’ve also mixed in a healthy dose of traditional “here’s what we think of this game” news, previews and reviews for good measure.

We like that editorial mix!

Amadeo Plaza (what a great name!) the publisher of Gamer 2.0 recently put together an interesting, if somewhat short, look at the coming clash between casual and hardcore gaming from both a business and consumer angle.  He asked Maverick to participate with a few thoughts…and since we’re never short of opinions, we agreed!

Here’s the story: Hardcore vs Casual

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Yes, I could have made that headline more appealing, but I’m not trying to hook new readers here, right?

We’re really excited that the “mainstream” is starting to pick up on the business trend that started emerging last year — namely that companies are looking for innovative ways to cut costs while improving results and freelancers and “micro-boutiques” are emerging as the answer.

Luckily for us – we’re right in the middle of it!  Maverick PR’s philosophy is and has always been “Less Overhead, More In The Head” — meaning that we can deliver better results for less money due to our innovative business model and years of experience. Read more

We’re really excited and proud to say that we enter the new year working closely with Universal Pictures Digital Platforms Group on their video game initiative and specifically on their upcoming game Wanted: Weapons of Fate.

We originally paired with Uni right before E3 last year to give Wanted: Weapons of Fate a proper announcement and first showing.  In only a week of work managed to secure a full slate of meetings, solid  first-look coverage and big, coordinated exclusives with both IGN and Game Informer.

Since E3, we’ve continued to work alongside Universal in a new role – overseeing the publisher’s PR work from a licensor perspective.  This is a true role reversal for us as we are used to being in-house and working to meet the expectations of our licensors.

MavPR has a history with Universal going back to Matt’s days at Sierra launching Scarface: The World is Yours — a successful pairing which turned out to produce the biggest launch in the company’s history, with the game selling nearly 4 million units worldwide.

It’s especially rewarding for us to be able to continue our working relationships across projects. We always strive to build long-lasting partnerships with our clients, and Universal has been exceptional to work with.

– PR_Flak

Our shenanigans for D3’s upcoming shooter Eat Lead: The Adventures of Matt Hazard were exposed earlier this Fall by the fine folks over at Gamespot.

Once outed we fessed up and waxed poetic about the trials and tribulations of video game marketing in the “Gaming Age.”  Read the interview with Matt, myself and our fine D3 compatriot Sam Guilloud over at Gamespot: Q&A: Making up Matt Hazard.


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We’ve been busy this weekend getting the MavPR Holiday Greetings in order.  A little graphic design with some vector graphics conversion… some cotton… lots of review…

So what is it?  I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but it’s going to be pretty cool, especially for our PR friends.

The question you have to ask yourself is: are you special enough to receive this most elite of 1337 gifts?

They’ll be going out soon.  I hope I’m special enough.

– PR_Flak

We’re getting awful close to having the new Web site complete.  As a MavPR partner, and IT guy, and Web guy, and admin… it’s been interesting to learn some of these details and fingering my way through the code to make changes as we go.

I think everyone – especially small business owners – should try and find the time to learn the basics of this stuff.  Small business owners need to be able to do everything at any time.  Seize the day!

[UPDATE] – looks like Brandon is going to get some of the old news from the previous web site up here for archival purposes — but pretty close to final now.  Doors open!

– PR_Flak

Please pardon our dust as we make the transition from our old site to this new blog-based site.


– PR_Flak