The Maverick Team Knocks Out Yet Another E3 With Awesome Products, Tons of Coverage and Some Sweet, Sweet Awards!

Another June rolls by and another E3 is put to bed, this time with the Maverick team working on some of the highest regarded games and products at the show, from expected hits to sleeper surprises.

Read on below to check out some of the awesome games and products Maverick PR had the chance to work at this year’s extravaganza (in alphabetical order):
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California-based independent developer Dark Vale Games turns to Maverick PR to unveil their first project.


Last year in an interview with Neocrisis about Maverick PR, MavPR Partner Matt Frary was asked about some of the ideals on which the company was founded, and specifically which of those ideals had not yet been fully explored to satisfaction.  He said this:

“…we have always personally and professionally identified and bonded with game developers. So, finding a way to work effectively with independent dev teams – to help them be successful and play with the big boys – remains an objective for the Company.

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The Pending Move of MavPR East Unearths Archaeological Treasure Trove of Giveaway Tees

The principals of Maverick PR have been around for a long time.  A REALLY long time.  If you haven’t checked out our BIG HUGE LIST of the games we have worked on — go look at it now (always being updated)— we’ll wait…  OK, so now you’ve seen we’re older than dirt and have worked on just about every platform and genre there is in video games. Read more

Meteor Entertainment Turns to Maverick PR To Lock-And-Load HAWKEN for E3 2012

Maverick PR Gears Up To Take Los Angeles with HAWKEN — One Of 2012′s Most Exciting New Products — at E3 2012!

Without exaggeration or hyperbole, we can honestly say that this is an incredibly exciting announcement for the crew here at Maverick PR.  We’re happy to share that we will be partnering with Meteor Entertainment and Adhesive Games during E3 2012 on HAWKEN, the shockingly gorgeous mech game that has lit up the Internet with early gameplay videos and screenshots.

For more on HAWKEN directly, please visit the game’s official site [] or the game’s Facebook page at: []

HAWKEN looks amazing, and to gamers' delight, will be available later this year!

If you follow video games, you’ve probably already heard of HAWKEN or have at least seen the stir the game caused when the first gameplay video trickled out a while back.  The reaction at the time was — if I remember correctly — stunned disbelief (and pure excitement).

Not only was somebody finally bringing back the beloved and much-neglected Mech genre, but the graphics and gameplay looked almost too good to be true.  A new Mech game??  Done RIGHT???  Yes!
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“He’s a demon and he’s gonna be chasin’ after someone…”

What does the “S” stand for in your shiny new iPhone 4S?  Speed, that’s what.

And to help you enjoy all of that marvelous iOS speed, Maverick PR client Social Games International, Inc. (SGI), a digital entertainment company and leading publisher of branded games for mobile and social platforms, has just released Speed Racer: The Beginning for iPhone onto the App Store.  The game will be also be available for iPad next month, for you big-screen junkies.
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Another Penny Arcade Expo is in the books, and this one in the backyard of MavPR (East) HQ — right here in sunny Massachusetts.  Home of the country’s mightiest pro sports teams as well as more Dunkin Donuts than people.

PAX East 2012 was the biggest PAXe yet, and there were more fans, more games, more cosplay and more work than you can shake a stick at.

The Maverick crew worked with Square Enix for PAX East once again this year, booking up quite literally hundreds of media appointments in a private VIP-showing of Sleeping Dogs, Quantum Conundrum, Theatrhythym Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts 3d Dream Drop Distance and Heroes of Ruin. And, just because SE is cool like this, we also got to throw out a special surprise VIP showing of Hitman: Absolution, one of the most anticipated games of the year!

Square Enix had one of the best lineups at the show, and this is a trend that continues into the next year as well.

We had a great time visiting with a ton of media that we rarely get face time with — from old friends to new friends alike.  If you came and wrote, share your links with us either via email or on our [Facebook page].

If you didn’t get a chance to join us for the demos, or you’re just a fan of the games who stumbled across this page, make sure to search around the web for each of the games.  There are hundreds of articles coming out right now and in the next couple of days that can tell you exactly what these titles are like to play!

Square Enix has announced that renowned actor John de Lancie will lend his voice to the amazing upcoming game Quantum Conundrum.  Check out the video above for the info straight from the horse’s mouth!

World famous video game PR maestro (as well as Maverick PR Partner) Matt Frary was recently approached by up-and-coming video game site TheGameEffect to take part in their ongoing series, “Unsung Heroes.”

  • ED: if you missed the previous interview with Matt which ran on GamerFitNation, check it out here.


Unsung Heroes is a cool series wherein writers talk to some of the lesser known folks working behind-the-scenes to put video games on players’ proverbial tables.  You know… NOT the Cliff Bleszinskis or the David Jaffes… we’re talking the guys behind the guys behind the guy.  Between producers and marketers and PR folks and testers and art designers and level builders… there are a lot of people that help deliver the games we love to play.

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ScarygirlScarygirl for XBL, PSN, PC (, Square Enix


When something straight-up awesome-looking comes floating across a game PR person’s desk, that’s when our jobs become even more fun than they already are.  And for anyone who has seen even a teensy bit of Nathan Jurevicius’ award-winning graphic novel Scarygirl, they already know that awesome-looking doesn’t begin to describe the eye-patched, tentacled, stitch-mouthed cute girl with a  hook…

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Square Enix and the Final Fantasy XIV team recently pulled back the curtains on some pretty major development plans for the future, including huge changes, updates and upgrades that will take Final Fantasy XIV into the future. If you missed the announcement, you can check it out via the Lodestone at

This is an exciting time for the game and its fans, as the Company shows off its commitment to quality and the franchise by sharing the rather impressive roadmap for future improvements and content changes while, at the same time, highlighting all of the hard work and quality upgrades that have gone into the game to date. Read more