Greetings Adventurers!
As summer fades, a chill is coming to Archos ….
1. New Adventure – Frost Cave:
Deeply-buried and home to various Ice mutant beasts, the Frost Cave is an all-new area to find and explore. Each creature has different attack capabilities to stop players in their tracks. Those that get past them to the darkest depths of the caves, will meet the very first giant boss – Bytorg the Frost-Bound.Some of the Creatures in the Cave:
  • Ice Goblin: recognized by their blue-skin and glowing eyes, these guys are more greedy and tricky than your average Archos goblin!
  • Ice Golem: golem with increased defense thanks to some nice frost armor
  • Ice Spider: a tough opponent with fast reflexes
  • Ice Minion: summoned protectors of Bytorg the Frost-Bound
  • Cave Yeti: fiercely territorial creatures, guarding the Frost Caves for generations
  • Bytorg the Frost-Bound: giant yeti sealed by the frost mountains, guardian of the Frozen Workbench. This gigantic creature is as tall as three men, and can cast different kinds of ice spells. Do not meet alone
2. New Weapons and Equipment:
New frost armor and weapons can be crafted via the Frozen Workbench guarded by Bytorg the Frost-Bound. The only key to activate the workbench is carried by Bytorg at all times – of course.
  • Frostblade: A one-handed weapon with freeze and deceleration effect when hitting the target
  • Force Bow: A strong and durable bow made of the furs of Bytorg which deals tremendous damage to targets
  • Frost Hammer: A heavy hammer made of the Earth Essence and Crystalline Alloy. It deals more damage while riding on Vicious Hyena
  • Frost Armor: Crafted from Bytorg’s loot drop and provides considerable defense against ice and lightning damage
3. New Energy Surge:

The emergence of Bytorg brings an energy surge throughout the land. Previously buried energy veins scattered around the world start to pulse again. Adventurers can search for these ground veins, tap into them with magic, and summon the ancient deities to imbue powerful crafting enchantments and magic essence into their weapons and armor.

With such a great energy force, also comes some mutated creatures …

4. New Structures, Engineering, Spells and Other Surprises!

Full patch notes detailing all of the exciting new content mentioned above and other fixes will be posted to the Dark and Light Steam page once the content goes live:

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