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Dark Vale Games Partners With Maverick PR

California-based independent developer Dark Vale Games turns to Maverick PR to unveil their first project.


Last year in an interview with Neocrisis about Maverick PR, MavPR Partner Matt Frary was asked about some of the ideals on which the company was founded, and specifically which of those ideals had not yet been fully explored to satisfaction.  He said this:

“…we have always personally and professionally identified and bonded with game developers. So, finding a way to work effectively with independent dev teams – to help them be successful and play with the big boys – remains an objective for the Company.

This couldn’t be more true.  The team at Maverick has always fostered and enjoyed incredibly close relationships with the development studio teams on all of our projects, whether it was during our time at large publishers or as external PR representatives.  Understanding, interacting and valuing the creative minds behind the game as always been a key strength in our work and an ongoing goal of ours.

AWESOMEWith that in mind, we are really excited to announce that we have the opportunity to work with another great independent team, Dark Vale Games, on their upcoming project.  This game is really going to surprise people with its design focus and other AAA-level tricks up its sleeves.  We can’t talk about it in detail now… but we will very soon.

As a group, we love working with indie devs because of the pure commitment to the work, the deep passion for the product, and their ability to work outside the traditional system.

Working outside the confines of that system allows frees the game design document from heavy influences from sales charts, marketing points or focus groups.  Instead game design can be dominated by true gameplay vision, by a commitment to creating what is fun, and by the direct interaction between the developer with the kinds of games and the kinds of players for whom the title is intended.

All of that high-minded idealism is absolutely TRUE about Dark Vale and their new project.  And we couldn’t be more pleased that the team has chosen us to partner with to launch the game.  And the game looks awesome… as this unreleased concept art proves.  Unreleased concept art? Here? I know, I know!!

So for that goal of working with independents… we’re getting there now with our previously announced work on HAWKEN and now our upcoming partnership the great team at Dark Vale Games!

More details to come — stay tuned!