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Dark Vale Games Releases First Gameplay Video For FORGE; Launches ‘Kick-Finish’ Campaign


Indie Dev Unveils FORGE Gameplay; Offers Fans a Chance to Pre-Order and Earn Other Benefits From Kickstarter Pledge

We’ve been telling you about FORGE just a little bit for a smidge over a month now.  It’s an exciting concept — a game that combines MavPR’s love for fast-paced, twitchy skill-focused shooter multiplayer with our other love… strategically tearing each other to shred in MMO PvP.

We’re extremely lucky to be able to work with Dark Vale Games on this project, and now we’re finally able to show off how the game looks and plays (an Alpha state, of course).

Today, Dark Vale Games released their first gameplay trailer (above), a four-minute showcase of the Assassin and Pathfinder classes going head-to-head in a frantic deathmatch.  This game is going to be hella fun — the difference between you living and dying at my hands will be pure skill… not your gear that you spent 20 hours grinding for while I took my kid to karate.  You n00b.

Fans can (pre) PRE-ORDER the game right now via DV’s Kickstarter page as part of Dark Vale’s “Kick-Finish” campaign.  The basic $15 pledge gets you the game (before general release) and the benefits just go up from there, including free DLC, exclusive artwork, ASTRO Gaming Gear (WHAT????) and even your likeness incorporated into the game!  That’s my favorite.  I want ME on a statue VERY badly.

The Kickstarter page is here (http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/166522941/forge).

And by the way — that SCOUT BACKPACK you get with your $175 pledge is an awesome deal.  Beyond the game you get… and the free DLC… and the other perks, the backpack alone is $100 retail… and it’s by far the best backpack I’ve ever used to transport my laptop and debug Xboxes on business trips.  I use it on literally EVERY media trip – in fact, it will be going with me next week!

So check out the great new assets and please go support a passionate indie developer making a game for gamers like us!