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GamerFitNation Profiles MavPR’s Resident P90Xer

Matt mugs his best “STANDARD INTERNET DORK POSE” A Camera Angle Which Other MavPR Partners Find Decidedly LESS Funny Than Matt Does. Shame, Really. :-p


“I don’t mind dying, but I’ll be damned if I die early and miss out on time with my son simply because I couldn’t stop eating crappy food or because I was too lazy to get my ass off the couch.”
– MavPR Partner Matt Frary in GamerFitNation’s True Gamer of the Week Profile

One of your favorite young video game sites, GamerFitNation, has selected Maverick PR Partner Matt Frary as their “True Gamer of the Week” this week. This is a totally fitting title and the perfect site to profile Matt, because his nearly obsessive man-love of P90X has kept him neatly trim for more than 7 months now.  We’d post a picture of his rock-hard abs here, but it would be far too overpowering for teh Internets to handle.

GamerFitNation dot com

We SWEAR Matt's head isn't as wide as this image portrays... it's stretched wrong, WE SWEAR!

We’ll be talking a bit more about GamerFitNation soon during one of MavPR’s top-secret special projects that will be unveiled shortly, but the short of it is that the GamerFitNation aims to help others learn new ways to game in a healthy way and keep their mental health in check.  Really, it’s a big void that the site aims to fill — someone out there has to be talking about staying healthy while enjoying our favorite hobby.

We encourage you to head over there on a regular basis, not only to read about how fascinating and muscle-ridden MavPR employees are, but also because the site offers — in addition to game coverage — great healthy recipes, work out advice and routines, comics and other great features and articles.

In the meantime, you can satisfy your curiosity and read up all about what Matt thinks about gaming and fitness, his own routines and diets, and his worldly advice for even the most lazy, the most unwilling, the most pathetic game-addicted weight loss candidates out there.