GPG's Chris Taylor interviewed by Ars Technica

Gas Powered Games’ Chris Taylor was interviewed about his studio’s upcoming sequel, Supreme Commander 2, by prominent tech/gaming web site Ars Technica.

Check it out here:  Ars Technica interviews Chris Taylor

And, here’s a excerpt:

Supreme Commander was a strategy game that got a great many things right, and it earned a ton of critical acclaim. As a result, the game’s soon-to-be-released sequel, Supreme Commander 2, has some high standards to measure up against. Gas Powered Games’ founder and CEO Chris Taylor is not only planning meet these expectations, he’s certain that his studio will exceed them without a problem.

Though the original game was published in 2007, it only had one expansion before the sequel was announced in November 2008. The announcement took many fans by surprise, as plans for another expansion, Supreme Commander: Experimentals, had been mentioned; but these expansion plans were never seen through to completion. When Ars asked Taylor about what happened, he explained, “we were very hopeful about that expansion as well, but with the economy shifting under our feet, we instead chose to focus on the projects further along in development.” However, based on what Taylor’s revealed about Supreme Commander 2, it sounds like it will have been worth the wait for fans of the series.

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