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Have You Bought Tomb Raider Trilogy Yet?

TRT BoxTomb Raider Trilogy released a couple of weeks ago and we here at Maverick PR were a bit excited to jump into the fray and do a little bit of work with one of the most iconic video game characters of all time. 

Tomb Raider Trilogy combines three awesome Tomb Raider games into one amazing package for PlayStation 3. And if that’s not enough for you, all of the games have been re-mastered in HD to make them look even better than before.  Still not enough?  Well, don’t pick up that phone because the package also includes some PS3-exclusive items like avatar rewards and a special theme.

It’s an amazing deal — so if you missed the games on PS2, go get this now.  If you played them on PS2 and love Tomb Raider, go get this package now.  Don’t believe us – and really – why would you?  Just read some of the reviews!

GameRant – 4/5 Stars – “a solid collection of genuinely fun, highly playable games, updated to look better than ever before. Regardless of price, the Tomb Raider Trilogy comes strongly recommended.”

PSX Extreme – 80 – “It’s a darn good package and one the die-hard fans will undoubtedly have to own. As for those who remain a little iffy, just bear in mind that aforementioned longevity and bang for your buck, as well as the prospect of traversing much prettier environments with a much prettier Lara.”

GamePro – 4.5/5 Stars – “Still, even if you’ve raided these tombs before, this trio of crypt-exploring, pistol-packing adventures makes for a perfect primer to Lara’s next outing. Oh, and at forty bucks, it’s as valuable as any ancient artifact uncovered by its spelunking star.”

The Epoch Times – 4/5 Stars – “All in all, Trilogy is a must buy for Tomb Raider fans and bargain hunters alike. Three solid adventures represented in luscious HD – alongside extra goodies – all for less than the price of a standard game is something that only a fool would pass up.”

A ton more reviews on the way!  Congrats to Lara Croft again!

Plus, if you hurry now, Siliconera is giving away three copies of the game.  Head OVER THERE now!!

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