Hazard on Destructoid, PLUS A Nice Shout Out For MavPR

Our friends over at Destructoid picked up on our release about Matt Hazard hitting 1,000 friends over on his epic, badass (and such) Facebook Page.

First of all, let’s all acknowledge that nabbing 1,000 friends is a pretty solid achievement for a classic video game character.  For reference, we are now only about 350 fans behind the much-ballyhooed and uber-hyped “Master Chief.”  Clearly that guy’s fame is all smoke and mirrors!

To celebrate this momentous occasion, we dove deep into the Hazard archives and found other major achievements in Hazard’s history that involve the number 1,000.

My favorite?  The reference to the lost game Corona and its repetitive Bungie-jump Gameplay design… you can check all the fun facts out right here on the Facebook Page, or hit the Destructoid link and read them there!

Meanwhile, we totally love the commendation offered up from Destructoid, as they open their story thusly:

You really ought to commend the folks at Maverick PR (and Vicious Cycle Software) for their work on Matt Hazard. They’ve done a tremendous job of creating a back-story for the videogame character who’s got a fictional past, both in and outside of the games.

Hazard rolls on as Matt Hazard: Blood Bath and Beyond gets closer to ship.  Remember, the Facebook Page is the official online home for all things Hazard, so you can check him out and keep up to date there.  Also, Hazard is running his own Twitter account – which is interesting to say the least – which you can find over at @HowHazardRollz

Follow him… OR DIE! 🙂 (that’s a joke, by the wayOR IS IT?!?!?! (it is).