iRacing Announces NASCAR-Sanctioned Online Racing Series

As we mentioned last week, we’re really excited to be starting up with to help them reach out to the video game audience.  And yesterday, iRacing made a major announcement — that they are joining forces with NASCAR to create an official NASCAR-sanctioned online racing series within the iRacing service.

This is NOT just another NASCAR license; this is an actual, fully sanctioned NASCAR series.  For you racing fans out there, think about it like this: in the same way that NASCAR sanctions the Sprint Cup Series and the Nationwide Series — NASCAR has sanctioned this series with iRacing in a virtual space.

For you video game racing fans out there, think of it like this:  starting in 2010, iRacing users will be competing in a special division that is licensed and sanctioned by NASCAR, against other players and NASCAR drivers.  Yes, real-world NASCAR drivers who are also vying for the online racing title.

It’s a pretty exciting deal — if you are looking for the closest thing to being a professional NASCAR driver… if you think you’re the best at NASCAR games… if you think you can compete against legitimate — and sometimes professional — competition… then iRacing is the place for you to prove it.

There’s a lot more to talk about and even more things about it to be revealed later this year, but for now you can read about it in news posts at your favorite site, like IGN, CrispyGamer, BigDownload, and many more.

– PR_Flak

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