Keen Software House Turns to Maverick PR to Blast-Off SPACE ENGINEERS

We here at Maverick PR are KIND OF a bunch of nerds. Our nerdery spans the library of nerd topics… from comic books to hardware to naturalism to fantasy to scifi to hard science to zombies to… basically, everything.

So if you tell us there’s a game that allows you to build and pilot your own space ships, space stations and all manner of craft, than yes, we’re in.

And it has mining? And Survival? And Creative? And Multiplayer???

And guns???

Even better, you want us to work on it?  Oh, OK. Darn right the first thing I did was build a ridiculous rocket launching one-man battle ship.  Because, well, I CAN!

That’s exactly what SPACE ENGINEERS is – a game that uses science to free your imagination, allowing you to you mine, manage resources, build, and compete against or with friends to your heart’s content, all in a gigantic, space-based sandbox.  The game is currently in STEAM’s Early Access program and is picking up users at an amazing clip.

We’re really excited to start working on SPACE ENGINEERS, and you’ll be hearing a ton more about it over the coming months.

If you’re too impatient to stay tuned and you want to nerd out with us… go to STEAM and BUY IT right now!  Get building!

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