Lightbulb Crew Announces New MOBA, GAMES OF GLORY

Today, a new independent studio from France, LIGHTBULB CREW, has announced their upcoming next generation MOBA, GAMES OF GLORY.

And what makes it so next-generation?  Well, GAMES OF GLORY looks to bring the community and players to the forefront in a couple of key, and exciting ways:

First, the game expands the presence of players within the game by offering more than just the traditional MOBA role of a fighter, like the option to become team managers, trainers, recruiters and more; and second, the Lightbulb Crew is welcoming players into the development process to provide feedback and ideas that will help the team tailor the game for the community.

Well stop listening to me and check out the video above and official announcement below!






Next Generation, Community-Driven of MOBA Places Players in Control of Multiple In-Game Roles Including Manager, Planner, Star, Recruiter, and More 

PARIS (APR 29, 2014) — LightBulb Crew, an independent game development studio with offices in France and Sweden, is developing a new generation of MOBA, Games of Glory, that looks to push the highly competitive genre into exciting new territory by fully integrating e-sports into the very heart of a persistent world.

“We are extremely excited to hear from the gaming community regarding Games of Glory so we can integrate their feedback and ideas into development and deliver a game that matches our player’s expectations.” said Anders Larsson, Studio Head and Founder, Lightbulb Crew. “This announcement is a major milestone for our young studio and we look forward to moving forward with development.”


Games of Glory brings a true community dimension to MOBAs presents a major breakthrough in the way MOBAs have been traditionally played, offering players the ability occupy several key roles within the e-sport universe, and such as tournament planners, club head, trainer, recruiter, and more.

In Games of Glory, players enter a vast, futuristic universe called Synarchy, and take control of champion Clones from clubs all over the galaxy, who fight to impose their supremacy. The Clones are armed with a large selection of unique skills and can a rich and brutal arsenal during the game, including close combat weapons, long range guns, and many more.  With many personalization options, the player will be able to customize his heroes thanks to numerous equipment pieces to make them both unique in appearance and deadly on their path to victory.


Lightbulb Crew is newly launched independent developer composed of talented and passionate game developers whose previous work included games for renowned studios such as Ubisoft, DICE, Dontnod and Codemasters. Located in both France and Sweden, the team is developing Games of Glory with the ambition to directly involve the community during the development to help build, refine and improve the game.

Gamers interested in learning more or viewing the first official gameplay trailer should visit the official web site at http://games-of-glory.com/ or the game’s Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/GamesOfGlory .

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