March’s Maddest Team Wins Nothing, Claims Runner-Up Trophies


It isn’t always just work-work-work around here. Although, honestly, that’s the way it is most of the time. Every once in a while, the kindly PR GODS are merciful enough to allow us a few moments away from email. They are lenient enough to liberate the staff for a few hours from writing plans and pitching editors and booking events. And when that happens – we go and do crazy things like join in on 3-on-3 Basketball Tournaments.  Let’s face it – you really haven’t lived until you’ve seen a group of 40-55 year old men compete in a game designed for 25 year olds.

This, kids, is how you come off a screen and bury
a three, as demonstrated by MavPR’s PR_Flak

Clever readers will note that Maverick PR works in an entirely remote office, so the world was spared the horror of Brandon and Matt playing hoops together, like back in the day at Atari when they and the rest of the Atari staff managed to get whipped by Nolan Bushnell’s daughter (quite randomly – a weird but true story).

But I’m getting off topic here — let’s focus and talk for a minute about World of Warcraft.  One of the basic tenets for heading into Arathi Basin PvP is this: when entering the 30-39 battleground, you make damn sure you’re level 39, completely decked out in max 39 gear.  You don’t roam in there at 31 with all your old 25 blues lingering about.  I mean, you do, but then the 39s destroy you and you are sad.  In hoops tournaments, however, logic is exactly reversed – the more 30s and 32s you have, the better.  Despite having a team with two very experienced WoW players in uniform, this strategic lesson was completely and utterly ignored.

The MavPR team was likely assembled by the management of the NY Knicks, a group who clearly never play Arathi Basin, because we suited up two 39s, a 4o and a 50+ for the 30+ category.

Still, it didn’t matter!  We were a team of destiny.

We’re sorry, PR_Flak has REJECTED
your request for a shot on the basket.

You give ’em an inch, they’ll take a bucket.

Let me get to the short of it first:  the mighty Maverick PR team came up just short in the 30+ Men’s category, falling victim in the Championship Game to a powerful inside opponent we had no answer for.  While we made a run at the end, their overpowering height was too much for the smaller MavPR ballers.

But hey, we came in second… and we have trophies to prove it.  Just try and say otherwise!

More importantly, nobody (on our team) was seriously injured, and at our age, that in and of itself is a major victory.

Whether we won ANY games… whether there were actually more than 2 teams in the 30+ category… we’ll just leave that all up to the imagination.  Maverick PR hoops remains undeterred and dead set on the next tournament, wherever, or whenever that may be…

It was a great tournament for a great charity cause and we’re happy to have put up a team for the weekend.

Hoops at E3, anyone?