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For some reason, we stopped talking about new clients for a while there. I don’t really know why. [Ed.: Maybe because some jerk hacked our site and crashed it every 4 days until we finally figured it out?] I mean, crowing about clients is S.O.P. for PR Agencies. Some even put out press releases to announce new clients. We don’t do that because a PR agency announcing PR agency stuff seems like some kind of perverted closed circle of publicity human centipededness. We don’t like that thought. At all.

BUT! We’re pretty stoked to be starting work with SOF Studios, in partnership with LVLUP Marketing, on their upcoming tactical military shooter H-Hour: World’s Elite.

And what is H: Hour, you may ask? Well, if you’re old enough, you might recall a time when team-based military shooters that required coordination and strategy were king. One shot, one death – a game world where the bullets are actually lethal and you don’t respawn during a match. You know – like the real world? Maybe you’re too young to recall, but I promise you that games like Delta Force: Land Warrior and SOCOM: US Navy Seals were a major thing.

Sadly, this genre has slimmed as arcadey gun-porn (not that there’s anything wrong with that) titans like Call of Duty have risen to prominence. But SOF Studios, tapping into a development team consisting of both Special Forces veterans and experienced military game developers, is bringing it back. Some of these guys could kill you before you knew they were in the room. Some of them could kill you with game design theory lectures, leaving your brains leaking from your ears as they articulate UE4 optimizations, weapon balancing, and team strategies as enabled through map design. Seriously, I’ve worked with one of these guys before… it’s for REAL.

All you need to know for is that this game has it all — amazing co-operative play with teammates, tense firefights, UE4 graphics, awesome competitive multiplayer, and a need for using your brain before your guns to craft superior tactics.

Stay tuned for more info as we announce details VERY soon and the game continues it’s development. I might even jump in and play with you soon.