Maverick Fires Up Quantum Conundrum

Kim Swift and the Airtight Team Prepare for Their Panel at PAX Prime 2011

SEATTLE — We’re excited to announce, for those who do not already know, that Maverick PR is working on the next great game from designer Kim Swift, co-creator of Portal, entitled Quantum Conundrum.

That’s right!  And honestly, we can’t be any more excited that Square Enix turned to us when they needed a monster PR announcement for this important upcoming downloadable title.

Not only is the game flat-out amazing (DLC is really coming a long, long way), but you see, Kim was also an integral team leader for a pair of our own in-house favorite titles — Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2. Oh the many hours we’ve logged blasting Zombies and yelling at one another for release from a pesky Smoker… but that’s another story all together, people.

The short of it is that working with amazing designers and development teams has always been the thing that we here at MavPR cherish the most.  And we know what we’re talking about. We’ve worked with some amazing folks in our day.  So signing on to work with Kim is a great reward to us.

But enough about us … Quantum Conundrum [http://www.quantumconundrum.com] is a first-person puzzle game that will challenge gamers to think not only with physics, but also in multiple dimensions.  Don’t just run and jump or move and place objects – consider how the world will be affected if it was suddenly all pink and fluffy and everything became light as a feather… the deeper you go, the more mind-bending the puzzles become.

More information on the game has revealed already through some amazing previews — we’ll save ourselves the time here and let you click through to read some of those stories below.

At PAX, Quantum Conundrum was the break-out game.  If you missed the awesome GameSpot exclusive video walkthrough and preview the night before, there was no missing the other previews that hit throughout the show from the private demos and interviews rolling out at a neatby hotel.  And, if the coverage in all the onlines somehow escaped gamers, attendees were treated to an exclusive live demo and Q&A session hosted by Kim and the rest of her team from Airtight Games.

The buzz and info for Quantum Conundrum has only just begun, but it already looks like this is going to be huge hit and awesome game next year.

Read on through the sampling of previews below and, for more deets, and be sure to stay up to date by following the game on Facebook at [http://www.facebook.com/quantumconundrumgame]!