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Maverick Hits PAX East with DE:HR; ASTRO Saves the Day!

PAX East 2011

The crack crew from Maverick PR East — and that means MavPR Partner Matt Frary — took on the monstrosity that is PAX East this year with the good folks from Eidos-Montreal and Square Enix.  Armed only with the mighty MavPR Canon EOS Rebel T2i, a tripod and a pop-up Deus Ex: Human Revolution banner, we conquered the show with media interviews and an enormous stage presentation of the best RPG-shooter of 2011!

ASTRO A30s Jamming on Dungeon Siege III @PAX East 2011

I am careful with my words, but when Alienware couldn't get us headphones, ASTRO did.

Also in attendance at PAX East, Maverick client ASTRO Gaming, who supplied tons of headsets for attendees in various locations around the show.  Whether it be delivering the best audio at the coolest gaming stations on the show floor or rounding out the tournament room, the A30s were everywhere at the show.

In addition, ASTRO provided us with some client-synergistic emergency support, delivering a last-second set of A30s to the demo station for Dungeon Siege III in the Alienware booth.  That’s right — when you’re in a bind, it’s great to have friends in key places.  Thanks ASTRO!  Pretty sure we owe you a couple copies of DSIII now…

Meanwhile, Deus Ex: Human Revolution had an incredible showing at PAX East.  The theme of the interviews for this event was:  “Booth??? WE DON’T NEED NO STINKING BOOTH!!!”  And we didn’t.

If you’ve never spent your days lugging a 20 lb pop-up banner around a huge convention — you really should.  Why?  It validates the hours spent doing P90X.  We managed to knock out some interviews with GameSpot, G4TV, Original-Gamer, Warpzoned, TotalPlaystation and many others with just a table and a pop-up.  See… flexibility breeds success!  And sore shoulders.  🙂

Check out some of the images below to see how it all went down.  Thanks to Eidos-Montreal for their amazing patience and support and to all the fans at PAX who made the stage show the biggest thing at the event!

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