Maverick Parties With the DXHR PAX Faithful

SEATTLE — We’ve had an amazing time working on one of the best games of 2011, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, for the past year or so.  It was a long (and worthwhile) road for everyone from the development team to the marketing crew and including the diehard series fans who have waited several long years for a sequel to call their own.

That’s why we were so excited to get the green light to give something back to the faithful right before launch with the Official North American Community Launch Party.  And where else to hold such an immense and fan-focused event but the mecca for North American gamers, PAX Prime?

Drinks on Adam Jensen @ The Diller Room

To start, PAX Prime is plain-old fun, drenched in enthusiasm and with hot new games everywhere.  Gamers come from around North America to meet up with online friends for a weekend of doing what they love most.  It’s also the only show in the US where developers and publishers can meet their customers face-to-face in an video game orgy of enthusiasm and fandom.

Much more “real” than E3 – that annual gathering of suits and media – PAX provided the perfect platform and the perfect timing to put on a party simply for the sake of celebrating the release of DXHR and rewarding the fans.

And reward we did!  MavPR worked closely with Square Enix and Eidos-Montreal to completely take over The Diller Room in downtown Seattle, only a short walk from the convention.  Custom-themed drinks, an open bar, handmade pizzas and about 350 good friends awaited those who lined up 300-deep about an hour before the doors opened.  PR FOLKS NOTE: The Diller Room is an awesome venue with amazing staff!

Once inside, the party was rocking.  Party partners like AMD, OnLive and Machinima.com provided some amazing free swag, exclusive tee-shirts and other premium giveaways.  AMD graphics cards and OnLive consoles anyone?

The party was exceedingly hot [thanks, unseasonably warm Seattle weather] but was a helluva great time for the fans and for the team.

Can’t wait for the next one.

Let this be a lesson to you… when Maverick throws a party — GET THERE EARLY

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