Maverick PR And Square Enix Join Forces Again, This Time For Just Cause 2

Maverick PR To Drive Innovative Community and Viral Campaigns, Provide Extended Media Support for Open-World Sequel

Um, ya... this looks AWESOME. [Just Cause 2]

Um... Awesome, much?

Have I mentioned how much we love it when we get to work with our client partners more than once, and on multiple titles?

Well, then you’ll know why we’re so pleased to announce that we are expanding our relationship with our friends at Square Enix to include work on their upcoming blockbuster sequel, Just Cause 2.

We’ll be working with the Square Enix and Eidos teams to support and augment their work by providing community development and management, innovative and creative viral outreach and content creation, and extended media relations.

As for the game?  It looks amazing.  It’s jammed full of interesting content for us to explore and reveal so we’re really looking forward to digging in and “peeling the onion” to show off exactly what makes the title truly unique.

You want a taste?  You know you do.  Go ahead – check out this video that broke just last night, and is currently spreading across the Internet.

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