Maverick PR Gets Its Puzzle On with Gyromancer

So, Square and PopCap Games decided to pool their considerable n3rd-cred and come up with a game that combines the addictive casual play of a puzzler with the depth and complexity of an RPG.

While seemingly  unfathomable just a few years back….we at Maverick KNOW this formula works because we’ve sunk more hours into D3’s Puzzle Quest series than we care to publicly admit.

The result of Square and PopCap’s hard work is none other than the soon to be released Gyromancer — a time-sucking, black hole of a game I believe they designed with the sole purpose of stealing away every last bit of the year 2009 I have left.  Others suggest there may be something divine in Gyromancer‘s origin…

Penny Arcade on Gyromancer's immaculate conception

“Gyromancer appears to be the work of a nefarious intellect, when the truth is substantially more beautiful: Gyromancer stands as proof of an interested, active, and present divinity, like spontaneous fermentation. Such indicators are rare, and when we find them we must cling to them, like hunks of bobbing wreckage.– Tycho Brahe, Penny Arcade

Of course, it’s also possible they are simply trying to make a great XBLA/PC title!

Regardless, we released a great new trailer for Gyromancer today as well as the planned release date of November 18th on XBLA and PC.  You can check out the trailer here:

Giantbomb, Shacknews or Team Xbox.

Stay tuned for more on this highly anticipated title.

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