Maverick PR Saddles Up Again With Matt Hazard

Maverick and D3 Join Forces Again for Matt Hazard: Blood Bath and Beyond

If he doesn't kill you with a rocket launcher, he'll get you with his good looks, ladies.

If he doesn't kill you with his rocket launcher, he'll get you with his good looks, ladies.

Our old friend Matt Hazard, he of classic video game ass-kickery and old-school action-badassitude, is rolling back into town with his mega-guns and snappy one-liners in a new XBL and PSN game – Matt Hazard: Blood Bath and Beyond.  And giddyup, ‘cuz we’re going along for the ride.

Maverick will be driving community outreach and online viral activities for the upcoming game, in a reprise of our role from the award-winning launch of D3’s first Matt Hazard game, Eat Lead.

While we may not be writing fictional blogs or drawing cartoons this time (of course… we might), there’s plenty to do and tons of content to explore.

We’re really excited to get our creative on again and continue the momentum we built up from the first launch while extending our relationship with a great partner at D3.

The first trailer is now out and kicks some serious ass (created with aplomb by our friend Amy at mOcean) and there is also nice preview up on IGN right now as well.

Come join the official Facebook Page, which we’re actually using as the official Web site for the game – a first for us and pretty cool, frankly!

I’ll quit my yapping now, it’s time to grab a gun.  A big gun.

It’s Hazard Time.

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