Maverick Teams Up With Atari for Warlords


What’s old is new again, and in so many ways!  We’re really excited to announce that we are partnering up once again with our friends from Atari, Inc. – this time to work on the upcoming release of Warlords on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network. 

So, what’s old and what’s new?  Well, not only did Brandon and Matt meet while working AT Atari waaaaay back in the day, but we’ve worked as MavPR with Atari before, on games like The Undergarden, Neverwinter Nights 2, and more!

And most obviously, Warlords is a remake of a classic Atari 2600 game.  And yes, we were alive so long ago when the first version was the bleeding edge of gaming.  Scary.

Have a look at the game’s screenshots below and be sure to check out the trailer embedded as well!  Much more on this exciting title soon!