Over on PR_Flak’s Flak Attak, Matt takes the PR industry to task about the traditional structure of agencies and the reliance on junior staff members for execution.

As you can see on our front page, MavPR’s philosophy has always been …only the most veteran professionals provide superior PR work.” This commitment to senior level expertise means we avoid the failures inherent with delegating primary execution of activities to inexperienced staff members.

Unfortunately for a lot of game companies that hire external PR, most PR agencies don’t follow the same belief system – it’s too expensive for them to do so.  Not so for MavPR.

Below are some excerpts; for the entire blog, head over here now.

  • Traditional PR agency structure is designed to be most cost-effective when the most inexperienced people do the most work.  The more hours an AAE puts in on your game versus a VP, the more profitable it is to the agency.  Take a moment and do the math on what that means for your game.”
  • “So if you’re a typical game publisher or developer with a game that needs promoting, you will most likely enter a new biz pitch with a traditional video game PR agency.  They will arrive flush with seemingly impressive people, including the [president] and [vice presidents]; a remote office (probably in NY, LA or SF) on speaker phone; and an [account director] who sports a furrowed brow and is nodding his head – in understanding – while furiously taking notes as you speak…
  • …But the hard truth is, this army of “senior” PR people will be the ones to lock down your business, but they will NOT be the ones working on your game.  The kid back at the office making copies of the pitch PPT is getting ready to make phone calls on your behalf.”

Maybe it’s time for YOU to try something new?

– PR_Flak

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