MEDIA! Now You Can Register For Our Mailing List Online

St Wolfgang and the Devil

That’s right, REJOICE! It’s not every day that someone offers you the ability to sign up for a regular stream of gaming news, assets and other information.  But now we’ve added Media Registration as a feature on the site, so today is you’re lucky day.

Yes, you too can willingly receive updates from all of our clients, the moment we go live by heading over to our MEDIA REGISTRATION page, providing a bit of info, and then confirming the whole process via a confirmation email.

Or, if you prefer, you can be all 21st Century social-media-ite and head over to our FACEBOOK PAGE where you will be able to run through the same registration process on our MEDIA REGISTRATION TAB.

Bottom line — keep your info up-to-date, keep our info up-to-date and everyone will get everything they want when they want it.

It’s a miracle!