MMO & RPG Sites Dive Deeper Into New FINAL FANTASY XIV Roadmap

Square Enix and the Final Fantasy XIV team recently pulled back the curtains on some pretty major development plans for the future, including huge changes, updates and upgrades that will take Final Fantasy XIV into the future. If you missed the announcement, you can check it out via the Lodestone at

This is an exciting time for the game and its fans, as the Company shows off its commitment to quality and the franchise by sharing the rather impressive roadmap for future improvements and content changes while, at the same time, highlighting all of the hard work and quality upgrades that have gone into the game to date.

Maverick PR is excited to be a part of it, helping tell the game’s story because it’s rare to see not only the commitment to excellence, but also the incredible transparency between development team and fans.  The Final Fantasy XIV team has shared their plans and as always, encouraged fans to assist in the process by providing additional feedback along the way.  That’s something special, for sure.

Some of the top MMO and RPG sites out there had a rare opportunity to jump behind the curtain this week, sitting for one-on-one interviews with Final Fantasy XIV Producer/Director Naoki Yoshida.  The interviews explored what has already been done to improve upon the original release, what is planned for the future, and what fans can expect from Final Fantasy XIV in 2012 and beyond.

Want to know more?  Check out the interviews at the following links:


As MMORPG says, “Naoki Yoshida and his Final Fantasy XIV team have set a new standard for transparency between developers and a game’s community. Not only are fans well informed but they are also well equipped to help the team implement some of the new features.”

Still want to find out more about Final Fantasy XIV?  Hit the Official Site or the Lodestone!