NERD UNEMPLOYED Podcast Interviews MavPR Partner Matt Frary

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Recently, our good friend Johnny Fournier, who is hosting and producing a very interesting podcast called Nerd Unemployed (@NerdUnemployed), reached out to see if I’d like to come on to chat with him about the industry, how I got started, and… well a bunch of additional… stuff.

Basically he wanted to talk to me about ME. And… since that’s one of my favorite subjects, I absolutely said yes!


[note… it is labeled “EXPLICIT,” which brings me great joy]

Now, Johnny is someone we did a lot of work with while we running quite a few projects for Square Enix. He was a hotshot young marketing guy who we relied on — ALL THE TIME — to not only execute great demos for media, but also to get us amazing assets, provide access, and to give us the straight dope on production updates and other company truths that are always needed when running a PR campaign. For that, he became a trusted ally and honestly, one of the best young marketers we’ve worked with.

As Johnny is currently between jobs, he is using his time to develop this cool podcast that casually chats with established video game industry folk about their experiences within the industry. It’s super interesting if you’re in the industry and want to laugh about old stories or if you’re looking to get in and you’re wondering how that happens, exactly.

Previous ‘casts have included the very talented Mary DeMarle, the writing genius behind Deus Ex: Human Revolution, as well as Square Enix marketing colleague Mat Kishimoto, another great guy we had the opportunity to do a lot of work with.

You should really check out the Podcast in general and listen to all of the wise words. And, if you’re interested in taking a trip into MY history and have a laugh or two at my expense… by all means have a listen!

Give Johnny some love!