Major Update Delivers Fan-Designed Champion from PAX Prime, Community-Suggested Skill Swap and More to the Action-Packed Arena Combat Game

ATLANTA, GA (October 31, 2013) — Kiz Studios, an independent developer of mobile and PC games, has released a major new update to their action-packed arena combat game, SmashMuck Champions, that adds new playable champions, new battle arenas, new gameplay styles and much more.  The update showcases Kiz Studios’ commitment to Open Development and includes several community designed improvements and additions, including the frequently requested controller support as well as “Kovax Nobo,” a new champion designed live during PAX Prime by attendees of a special panel hosted by Kiz.

SmashMuck Champions is an online arena combat game that combines fast-paced action with refined skill and strategy to create an accessible-but-competitive alternative to traditional MOBAs.  The game’s twisted mayhem features faster matches, incredible teamwork, innovative Champion designs and FPS-style game modes that welcome new players and challenge MOBA veterans.  SmashMuck Champions is freely available via Steam’s “Early Access” at or via Open Beta on the game’s official site,

“We’re excited to be adding tons of new content to SmashMuck Champions for the thousands of players who have join our Open Beta since it launched,” said Ashley Johnson, President and COO, Kiz Studios.  “The fact that many of these updates were created in whole or in part by our player community and fans makes this even better.  Our commitment to Open Development paired with our passionate community means that SmashMuck Champions will be a better game and a more appealing option for players tired of the same old hardcore MOBA formula.”

Today’s update to SmashMuck Champions includes:

NEW 3V3 DESTROYER ARENA: “Brutal Boneyard” brings 3v3 combat to the game’s popular “Destroyer” mode.  Players have to power up their monster to crush the other team while watching for the phantoms of fallen champions who have been woken by the fight, wanting back in on the action.


  • KOVAX NOBO, ASTRO HOBO:  The PAX Prime 2013 Player-Created Champion finally debuts!  An alien warrior fallen on hard times, Kovax fights so dirty his attacks literally poison his foes… and his years surviving on the streets have taught him how to steal power-ups for use in tight spots!

  • XAVILLA, FIRE WITCH: Xavilla’s attacks are as beautiful as they are deadly. Every knockout she earns generates a Ghost Lantern, which transforms her explosive attacks from solo blasts to a powerful cataclysmic reaction.

NEW FEATURECONTROLLER SUPPORT:  One of the most frequently requested features from players has finally arrived: with controller support, players can plug in their favorite game pad, customize the layout and get in on some thumb-blistering action inside the SmashMuck arenas.


  • MAINFRAME’S TESLA TURRET:  Created by the winners of SmashMuck’s first Community Tournament, Mainframe’s Tesla Turret gives the Mechanical Menace a new chain-lighting turret that can electrocute and slow an entire team.
  • NINJETTE:  It’s now “Ninjette November” with two new weapons added to her arsenal — the Razor Fan and the Jade Sword — which give Ninjette the Ninja Vanish, a powerful dash that boosts her speed while blinding enemies.
  • NEW BUNDLE — NINJA MASTER: Kiz has also introduced the Ninja Master Bundle, which includes every Ninjette weapon and outfit, two specially-selected badges, and the exclusive Kimono Killer outfit!


In SmashMuck Champions, players are tasked with building and managing a “SmashMuck” team by acquiring, customizing and training fighters before sending them into battle. Combat is frenetic but easy-to-learn, with tons of unique skills, weapons and attacks as well as items and upgrades to unlock and master.

SmashMuck Champions features five game modes, nine arenas, more than 20 unique and powerful champions, and 600+ customizable items.  SmashMuck Champions is truly free-to-play, offering players the opportunity to unlock all content through progression through the game.  Fans can jump into the action through the game’s open beta on both PC and MAC via the web site at or on Steam at


Founded in 2007, Kiz Studios is an independent video game and entertainment studio with offices in Atlanta, GA and Charleston, SC. With titles like SmashMuck Champions and the mobile hit Critter Escape!, Kiz Studios bends genres and blurs the lines between casual and hardcore, making accessible games for a global audience. Committed to open development, Kiz allows players to experience the design process from the inside out, with fans helping to create the products they want to play. For more information please visit

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