NEWS: Ubisoft’s THE SETTLERS ONLINE: CASTLE EMPIRE Celebrates Halloween With Special In-Game Event


Later this week – October 17th – THE SETTLERS ONLINE: CASTLE EMPIRE players will receive a fresh set of Halloween content including new server-wide challenges, an exclusive new building, a new buff, and a huge boss fight.

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A new server-wide challenge:  A giant Golem will invade each player’s island and every player in the world will have to defeat the creature not by attacking the with military units, but instead by producing and using buffs.  By defeating the Golem once, players contribute to the common server goal, which is reached when more than half of the game world’s active players have participated. Each player must defeat the Golem to claim better rewards for their server. The Golem respawns after every defeat, becoming tougher and tougher, each defeat resulting in bigger rewards.

Hungry Golem is HUNGRY!

The Halloween Pumpkin’s Hunt:  An exclusive quest chain with several sub-quests will also be available, leading players through the different ways of obtaining pumpkins. Those pumpkins will be tradable in exchange for special Halloween objects such as decorative elements, buffs and buildings. This year an “Improved Warehouse” will be available for exchange, allowing players to store more resources.