Our New “THANK YOU FOR GAMING” Channel on Twitch.TV Features PR People Playing Games with Special Guests!

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**PREMIERE EPISODE TODAY @ 3:45 PM EST** as we are Joined IN LEFT4DEAD2 By Special Guest johnny fournier, host of nerd unemployed and former square enix marketing genius


UPDATE: if you missed the inaugural stream, here it is in its ugly glory:

Watch live video from ThankYouForGaming on TwitchTV


I’ve often said in the past that PR people should always be “the guy behind the guy behind the guy” and if there is ever an instance where our names appear in a story, it means something has gone HORRIBLY wrong.

But sometimes, very rarely, it can be funny to crawl out of our miserable chambers of clandestine attention-whoring and expose ourselves to the general public. You know… figuratively.

That’s what our new experimental Twitch.TV channel aims to do – provide an entertaining platform for industry conversations, interviews and more along with the childish gaming antics of some of the industry’s foremost PR and Marketing people.

UPDATE — OUR FIRST STREAM IS TODAY!  To try out this idea and see if it’s actually fun to talk to industry folks this way, we have roped our good friend  Johnny Fournier, of the secretly insightful NERD UNEMPLOYED podcast, into being our crash  test dummy as we voyage through a campaign in Left 4 Dead 2.  You may remember that NERD UNEMPLOYED recently did a truly fascinating, amazingly gripping, and Emmy-worthy interview with me, MavPR Partner Matt Frary. No? You missed out! Go check it out!

Thank You For Gaming was spawned by an online conversation with PR people about Twitch and PR people streaming games, which for some reason struck me as patently absurd — the very idea that people would watch PR people play and talk.  Then it struck me – in this absurdity, there may be funnies. So, borrowing inspiration from that classic PR movie Thank You For Smoking, we decided that we’d give Thank You For Gaming a spin.

So here’s the plan:

  • We will play games on Twitch; games will change but Maverick will present the series, no matter who joins us
  • We will try to have special guests, most of whom will be from the PR world, but some of whom may be from marketing and/or other disciplines within the industry
  • The games we will play will either be games that we just like (such as L4D2, Diablo III, Minecraft, or others) or games that our we or our guests are working on; [In these cases, we will disclose this up front so you won’t be consumed by rage over our implied bias]
  • The stream will end up being part interview, part pure gameplay session; in the case where we are playing a game that someone is actually working on, it will be part game demo and part pop quiz for that person

Honestly, this is all the thought we have put into it so far – we’ll continue to develop it as we go.  The bottom line is it should be a place where we will have fun, laugh at ourselves, show off some games and stump people with more, and explore some of the people who live in the dark corners of the industry but play a huge role in getting the games people play to market.

So, if you want, join us at http://www.twitch.tv/ThankYouForGaming for Thank You For Gaming!