PQ: Galactrix on Wired’s Game|Life

Puzzle Quest: Galactrix landed in the news on Wired’s Game|Life this week.  The story included a number of new screensshots highlighting the differences in the new game from Infinite Interactive and D3Publisher.

Here’s a snippet:

Puzzle Quest: Galactrix, the followup to D3Publisher’s massively successful Puzzle Quest, promises to transplant its predecessor’s addictive puzzler action to a decidedly more action-oriented gaming mainstay: Outer space.

Whereas Puzzle Quest lifted Bejeweled’s puzzle mechanic, Galactrix seemingly lifts ideas from Hexic. It’s a bit less intuitive, but as you can tell from this Flash demo, the game is still quite addictive.

Like the original Puzzle Quest, the game wraps the addictive puzzle elements in roleplaying game storyline traditions. You won’t get 12 minute masculine-yet-sensitive cutscenes reminiscent of everything Square Enix has done for the last decade, but the talking heads you see in some of these screens certainly offer the average gamer more of a reason to repeat the same puzzles ad nauseam.

Puzzle Quest: Galactrix is scheduled for release on Nintendo DS on February 24, and on the PC, Xbox Live Arcade, and PlayStation Network later this year. Expect Galactrix to be ported to even more platforms once the game proves a success.

Follow the link for the Wired story and check out the new screens!


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