PR_Flak’s Postmortem on MavPR’s First Swag

Over on PR_Flak’s Flak Attak, I look back at the process and fun of creating MavPR’s first item of swag — the [Skullcap of BUZZ] winter beanie.  From failed designs to some rules that YOU should should use for determining whether to proceed with spending money on creating swag for a game, it’s a fun and informative read.


Swag can be really great and impactful, but swag can also be a colossal waste of cash — cash that could otherwise be budgeted towards PR activities that have a chance of producing tangible results.

You don’t NEED swag, folks.  You DO need product tours.  I really hate to see PR or marketing create swag just to fulfill a bullet point from a PPT in the hopes of generating “coverage.”  There won’t be coverage from your swag, people.  No one is going to do a cover story on your custom-molded USB key, OK?  Get over it.”

Head on over and check it out!  And don’t waste money on swag that doesn’t work!

– PR_Flak

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