PS4-Exclusive Basement Crawl Drops First In-Game Screens

The First Must-Have Download for PS4 ReleaseS First Must-See In-Game Screens

As many have once again discovered, console launches often bring launch games that don’t quite measure up to the titles that will be available at the end of the console cycle.  I mean look at the classics that have released just this year: The Last of Us, GTAV, Beyond: Two Souls…  innovative and beautiful, these big-budget games milk every last drop of power from the last gen systems.

That’s virtually impossible to accomplish with big-budget launch titles – the tech, the time and the knowledge of all the system’s tricks simply aren’t there for the devs to leverage.

This is where one part of the PS4’s next-gen strategy shines — the support Sony has thrown to indie developers, helping to nurture and create success, is producing a solid catalog of wonderful indie launch window games that offer rock solid gameplay and unique experiences not available in other big-name launch titles.

Bloober Team’s Basement Crawl is one of these great games that looks to provide a ton of fun right at launch in next-gen. It’s an awesome mash-up of strategy, action and skill that harkens back to the days of classic Bomberman while immersing the player in a chillingly macabre setting. This multiplayer-focused game brings great imagery, unique challenges, multiplayer showdowns and more to PS4 owners, and is the first must-have download for the new system.

Today Bloober Team has released the very first in-game shots from the game… you can check them out below.  And, you can check out Basement Crawl on PSN in the next few weeks, so keep an eye out!  Meanwhile keep up with Bloober Team on their FACEBOOK PAGE.

basecrawl_112113_05 basecrawl_112113_04 basecrawl_112113_03 basecrawl_112113_02 basecrawl_112113_01