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REVIEWS ARE IN: SUDA51’s Liberation Maiden is “one perfectly polished mobile game”

We’ve been fortunate enough to work with LEVEL-5 on many of their recent titles as games have made their way from Japan to North America and Europe. Specifically, we’ve been able to help bring the titles from the 3DS, Japan-only multi-pack, GUILD01, to NA and EU.  Our most recent activity?  Bringing SUDA51’s awesome sci-fi shooter LIBERATION MAIDEN to the iOS devices.

Now the reviews are coming in, and the media seem to agree – LIBERATION MAIDEN on iOS is a really fun game!  Check out some of the reviews below.

Meanwhile — go ahead — hit the AppStore and grab something a little more engrossing than another re-skinned Angry Birds.

ARCADE SUSHI (9/10) — “Liberation Maiden is one perfectly-polished mobile game that’s managed to trap me into playing it over and over. And for that, it gets my vote as one of the best iOS games I’ve ever played.”

APPLETELL (4/5) — “Grasshopper Manufacture packs outstanding graphics, excellent gameplay, high-quality animation and great music into Liberation Maiden, making it a game you’ll want to play through multiple times and hand over to friends.”

148APPS (4/5) — “…this game is well worth the purchase and play through, providing hours of enjoyment.”

MODOJO (4/5) — “Those mobile gamers who look upon the release schedule for traditional handheld consoles with envious eyes will be very pleased to see this title make such a grand appearance on the App Store, and that the controls can be ported so effortlessly to touchscreens bodes very well for the future of the platform.

Liberation Maiden iOS