Reviews Start In On Deus Ex: Human Revolution – The Missing Link

With the release of Deus Ex: Human Revolution — The Missing Link just around the corner, we’re excited to be kicking off the review program with a handful of PC evaluations.

If you’re not familiar with DX:HR — The Missing Link, how about a quick primer?  This is the first downloadable content pack created by Eidos-Montreal for their award-winning hit game, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, a game which successfully continued the awesome legacy of the Deus Ex franchise with amazing review scores and hours of sneaking, punching, shooting, augmented fun.  The DLC fills in a critical missing portion of the main game, allowing fans to explore further into the conspiracy and find out what happened to Adam at his darkest hour.

Enough with the overview, on to some of the initial feedback!

This doesn’t look like he’s going with the “non-lethal” approach.

JOYSTIQ says that the DLC feels “substantial and clearly representative of the main game’s strengths” while GAMEBANSHEE explains a bit more, saying that DX:HR — The Missing Linkprovides more of the same great gameplay Human Revolution did, and improves on it by offering up some interesting new environments to explore, better-designed levels and gameplay scenarios, and a story which is, frankly, fairly crucial to those who want to better understand the big picture of Deus Ex’s universe.”

More reviews are still coming in and even more will blow out once DX:HR — The Missing Link releases.

So keep an eye out for the release of this awesome add-on to one of 2011’s best games.

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