Scarygirl Creeps Her Way Onto XBL and PSN

ScarygirlScarygirl for XBL, PSN, PC (www.scarygirlgame.com), Square Enix


When something straight-up awesome-looking comes floating across a game PR person’s desk, that’s when our jobs become even more fun than they already are.  And for anyone who has seen even a teensy bit of Nathan Jurevicius’ award-winning graphic novel Scarygirl, they already know that awesome-looking doesn’t begin to describe the eye-patched, tentacled, stitch-mouthed cute girl with a  hook…

So what happens when the good folks at TikGames get their hands on this franchise and turn it into a 3D action-platformer for Xbox Live, Playstation Network and PC?  You get Scarygirl from Square Enix, a stunningly unique looking game with tons of creepy-cuteness, fun co-operative play and a mess of running, jumping, fighting, swinging and more.  See for yourself:

Scarygirl launched last week for XBL and hits today for Playstation Network.  Critics are enjoying their time with the title, with GamerHeadquarters calling it “the best I’ve seen from the Xbox Live arcade so far this year” and IGN adding, “If you like a challenge, love finding collectables, and want a constantly evolving journey through 21 platforming levels, give ScaryGirl a chance.”

Even our in-house MavPR Junior Gaming Expert, Cameron, raves: “I love Scarygirl.  Can we play Scarygirl?  Where’s my light saber?”

If you love side-scrolling platformers, beautiful art and fun gameplay, head over to XBL or PSN right now and grab Scarygirl!

Scarygirl In-Game

Scarygirl In-Game