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Skullcandy Announces New Line of Gaming Headsets — SLYR, PLYR1, PLYR2

Skullcandy has announced an entirely new line of headsets designed specifically for gaming.  The line was developed in partnership with industry stalwart and Skullcandy studio ASTRO Gaming, the award-winning makers of the A50, A40 and A30 pro-gaming headsets.

“Skullcandy has been delivering performance audio products with a unique perspective on action sports and music culture for years,” said Jeremy Andrus, CEO of Skullcandy.  “Gaming connects everyone we work with, from skateboarders to NBA superstars.  The authenticity and attitude of the Skullcandy brand is the driving force behind our gaming mantra, “Never Retreat, Never Surrender,” and is the inspiration for our new series of gaming headsets.  All three products were also designed and developed cooperatively with our premium gaming headset market leader, ASTRO Gaming.”

The new line from Skullcandy kicks off immediately with the Skullcandy SLYR, an affordable but incredibly powerful wired headset which is available now.

Skullcandy will follow up with the PLYR2, its first wireless headset ever, in November and the PLYR1, another wireless gaming solution which also features Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound, will make its appearance in Q1 2013.

We can’t wait!

PLYR2 in White

PLYR1 in Black

SLYR in Blue