Square Enix’s Mindjack Lifts The Curtain For GameSpot

GameSpot's Exclusive Look Hits on the X360 Page

GameSpot – along with a handful of other outlets – nabbed a private demo with us last week and had a chance to delve deeper into Square Enix’s upcoming action game, Mindjack.  All of this during a first look preview tour Maverick put together in San Francisco.

While all of the outlets we visited will be posting their thoughts on the game shortly, including 1UP, Gamepro, GamesRadar, Worthplaying, and many more, GameSpot is first out of the gate with their exclusive first break, along with a new video and exclusive video interview with Square Enix’s Johnny Fournier.

If you’re not familiar with Mindjack, it is an unusual game that combines single and multi-player action in to a unifying, intense and always different experience.  The way I try to explain this is imagine that you fire up your single player campaign as normal but at any time, you might discover the enemies your are battling and squad mates fighting by your side are controlled by other gamers somewhere in the world through Xbox Live and Playstation Network.  Now THAT’s good AI. 🙂

Take a look at the video interview on GameSpot below – some pretty cool stuff happening in the world of Mindjack.  And be sure to visit the game on it’s Facebook Page and “Like” away!

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