Star Ocean: The Last Hope International on PS3

We’ve been working with the fine folks at Square Enix on the port+ of Star Ocean: The Last Hope to the PS3 for some time now.  And, its day has finally arrived!  Star Ocean is a great RPG franchise with all of the expected story, character and combat depth you’d expect from Square.

The “International” tag is a nod to fans of gaming purity who have long-desired to play the game in its original, un-localized form (namely with spoken Japanese lines and music).  The new PS3 version of Star Ocean allows them to do just that.

The game hasn’t really changed much since its debut on the Xbox 360 last year, but there have been a few enhancements made for the PS3 version of the game, which include:

  • Ability to play using multiple languages and subtitles, including the original in Japanese
  • Entire game on a single disk

So, if you’re a Star Ocean fan and have a PS3…today’s your day!

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