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Protect Your BRAAAAAINS with Headset Inspired by PopCap Games

Classic Lawn-Defending Action Strategy Franchise

SAN FRANCISCO August 25, 2014 – – Skullcandy, Inc. (NASDAQ: SKUL), the original lifestyle and performance audio brand, and its division ASTRO Gaming, creators of premium video gaming equipment, announced the release of the Limited Edition Plants vs. Zombies™ Skullcandy Ink’d 2 Earbuds.  The new in-ear headset is the first in a series of products being developed by Skullcandy and ASTRO Gaming which are inspired by PopCap Games iconic Plants vs. Zombies franchise. Read more

ASTRO Gaming is preparing to launch the new ASTRO A38 Bluetooth Wireless Headset and has released a teaser trailer developed by WENDEL titled, “Run with the Mob”

Check it out!

More on the upcoming ASTRO A38s very soon!



The fine folks at ASTRO Gaming and Skullcandy, makers of the best gaming headsets on the planet, have partnered with Microsoft Studios, 343 Industries and the Master Chief himself to develop some fantastic new gaming gear based on the Halo franchise, including Halo 5: Guardians.

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Critically Acclaimed Audio Brand to Develop Exclusive Gear Inspired by One of the Most Iconic Franchises in Video Game History


ELECTRONIC ENTERTAINMENT EXPO – LOS ANGELES JUNE 3, 2014 – Skullcandy, Inc. (Nasdaq: SKUL), a high-growth, performance lifestyle audio brand, and its division ASTRO Gaming, creators of premium video gaming equipment, announced an exciting new multi-year partnership with Halo developer 343 Industries.  As part of the agreement, Skullcandy and ASTRO Gaming will develop several new products including branded headsets, speaker tags and more in support of the latest releases within the Halo universe.

“Few game franchises have ever pushed the boundaries of our imagination quite like Halo. With its robust online multiplayer features, compelling storyline, incredibly detailed gameplay audio and inspiring musical score — Halo delivers at every level,” said Aron Drayer, VP of Marketing, ASTRO Gaming/Skullcandy Gaming.   “ASTRO Gaming and Skullcandy are well-known for our ability to deliver unsurpassed audio fidelity with a distinctly gaming-centric point of view.  Our goal is to take the Halo experience to an entirely new level with a recreation of the franchise’s signature sound and booming score exactly as it was intended by the developer.”

Details relating to specific Halo headsets and accessories from ASTRO Gaming and Skullcandy will be announced at a later date.  For more information about Skullcandy or ASTRO Gaming, please visit or

About the Halo Franchise

The Halo franchise is an award-winning collection of properties that has grown into a global entertainment phenomenon. Beginning with the original Halo: Combat Evolved (2001), the critically acclaimed and record-shattering series of games has since inspired multiple New York Times bestselling novels, comic books, action figures, apparel and more.

Published by Microsoft Studios, the Halo franchise of games is exclusive to Xbox platforms and Windows 8 PCs, tablets, and Windows Phone 8 devices.  To date, more than 60 million copies of Halo games have been sold worldwide, driving more than 5 billion hours of gameplay by people connected to Xbox Live.

About Skullcandy, Inc.

Skullcandy is a global designer, marketer and distributor of performance audio and gaming headphones and other accessory related products under the Skullcandy, Astro Gaming and 2XL by Skullcandy brands. Skullcandy became one of the world’s most distinct audio brands by bringing color, character and performance to an otherwise monochromatic space; helping to revolutionize the audio arena by introducing headphones, earbuds and other audio and wireless lifestyle products that possess unmistakable style and exceptional performance. The Company’s products are sold and distributed through a variety of channels in the U.S. and approximately 80 countries worldwide.  Visit, or join us at or on Twitter @skullcandy.

About ASTRO Gaming

ASTRO Gaming creates premium video gaming equipment and lifestyle products for professional gamers, leagues and gaming enthusiasts. Spun-off from design powerhouse ASTRO Studios, known in the gaming world for designing the Microsoft Xbox 360™, Alienware PCs, and HP’s Gaming PCs, ASTRO Gaming produces a line of gamer-centric “tech-life” products, supporting this rapidly growing community. ASTRO Gaming’s product line includes the wireless A50 Headset, the A40 Headset and MixAmp™ Pro, the A38 Bluetooth ANC mobile headset, the A30 Cross-Gaming Headset, and the Transport series of gaming gear bags.

All ASTRO Gaming products are available at,  and


At CES in Las Vegas, ASTRO Gaming is taking the wraps off the next great gaming headset – the A38,  new wireless product similar in form-factor to the amazingly popular ASTRO A30s.

Scott Lowe from IGN was the first to get his hands on the new gear and you can check out what he found in the video above, or you can read the whole story in IGN by clicking here.

Keep an eye out for more about the ASTRO A38s in the near future!

BF4 Image

ASTRO Gaming just introduced its first special edition for its award-winning, best-selling and jaw-droppingly awesome A50 wireless gaming headset — the ASTRO Gaming A50 Battlefield 4™ Edition.


ASTRO Gaming A50 Battlefield 4™ Edition Officially Licensed by Microsoft

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ASTRO Gaming is putting its artistic talents to work in support of the upcoming release of Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed III on October 30 with six sets of exclusively designed  speakers tags for its award-winning ASTRO A30 and A40 Audio Systems.

Developed with direct input from Ubisoft, the ASTRO Gaming Assassin’s Creed III speaker tags will feature artwork pulled directly from the game to ensure an authentic and iconic representation of the latest entry in the Assassin’s Creed universe.

“ASTRO Gaming has entirely reinvented what gamers today can expect from a modern gaming headset.  Whether it’s our mobile-fluent and street-savvy ASTRO A30 or our professional grade, audiophile quality ASTRO A40, our headsets and speaker tags deliver unsurpassed audio fidelity, vocal clarity and customizable style,” said Brett Lovelady, Founder of ASTRO Gaming.  “In the same way, Ubisoft has completely redefined action gaming with the Assassin’s Creed franchise.  And, we’re thrilled to be able to offer our fans an opportunity to deck out their cans and show their support for one of the most exciting releases of the year – Assassin’s Creed III.”

ASTRO Gaming speaker tags provide customers with an opportunity to truly personalize their listening experience with magnetically interchangeable custom-made art designed specifically for the studio’s award-winning A30 and A40 headsets.  ASTRO headset owners can create their own speaker tags using the ASTRO Customizer or choose from dozens of pre-existing and highly stylish tags, including several eye-catching series by Upper Playground, iam8bit, Penny Arcade and more.

ASTRO Gaming Assassin’s Creed III speaker tags are available now directly through the company website at – three sets for the ASTRO A30 for $19.99 each and three sets for the ASTRO A40 at $24.99 each.  Bundles including the ASTRO A30 and A40 Audio Systems and the Assassin’s Creed III speaker tags are also available for $209.99 and $259.99, respectively.

Skullcandy has announced an entirely new line of headsets designed specifically for gaming.  The line was developed in partnership with industry stalwart and Skullcandy studio ASTRO Gaming, the award-winning makers of the A50, A40 and A30 pro-gaming headsets.

“Skullcandy has been delivering performance audio products with a unique perspective on action sports and music culture for years,” said Jeremy Andrus, CEO of Skullcandy.  “Gaming connects everyone we work with, from skateboarders to NBA superstars.  The authenticity and attitude of the Skullcandy brand is the driving force behind our gaming mantra, “Never Retreat, Never Surrender,” and is the inspiration for our new series of gaming headsets.  All three products were also designed and developed cooperatively with our premium gaming headset market leader, ASTRO Gaming.”

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ASTRO Gaming has finally released its A50 Wireless Gaming Headset!  Yay!


  • Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound
  • 5.8GHz KleerNet Wireless
  • Built-In MixAmp
  • Audio Presets (soon to be customizable)
  • ASTRO Audio Quality
  • Cross Compatible with PS3, Xbox 360, PC and Mac
  • Imbedded Battery and Included Stand…




Still not convinced?  Then check out the A50 Launch Trailer!

Need more?  Take a look at what some of the reviews are saying…

“Astro’s A50s are an earacle miracle”Maxim

“The A50 is a hell of a thing”Kotaku

“The Astro A50 is, without question, one of the best gaming headsets on the market”The Verge

“The A50s are astronomically well built”IGN

“Astro Gaming has succeeded in creating what’s likely to be the next hot gaming headset”Engadget

“The best we’ve tested.  Editor’s Choice.”PC Magazine

“Truthfully, there may not be another gaming headset as comfortable as the A50.”Gamespot

“Once you go ASTRO A50…you’re ruined for all other headsets”2DX

“The A50s sound amazing!” GStyle Magazine

“ASTRO Gaming’s A50 Wireless Headset has the potential to be the best of the bunch.” New York Daily News


The ASTRO A50 Wireless Gaming Headset is available directly from the studio’s website at


Indie Dev Unveils FORGE Gameplay; Offers Fans a Chance to Pre-Order and Earn Other Benefits From Kickstarter Pledge

We’ve been telling you about FORGE just a little bit for a smidge over a month now.  It’s an exciting concept — a game that combines MavPR’s love for fast-paced, twitchy skill-focused shooter multiplayer with our other love… strategically tearing each other to shred in MMO PvP.

We’re extremely lucky to be able to work with Dark Vale Games on this project, and now we’re finally able to show off how the game looks and plays (an Alpha state, of course).

Today, Dark Vale Games released their first gameplay trailer (above), a four-minute showcase of the Assassin and Pathfinder classes going head-to-head in a frantic deathmatch.  This game is going to be hella fun — the difference between you living and dying at my hands will be pure skill… not your gear that you spent 20 hours grinding for while I took my kid to karate.  You n00b.
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ASTRO Gaming revealed a sneak peek of its highly anticipated A50 Wireless Gaming Headset this month at the annual Electronics Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles.

Quite possibly the most technologically advanced and complex wireless headset on the planet, the A50 is set to debut later this summer in July.

In the meantime, check out what the media who had a chance to play with the new cans had to say:

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