Maverick PR Clients CLEAN UP At E3 2012; We Take a Moment To Bathe In Their Glory

A writer from a video game web site emailed me last week after we announced the new game FORGE from indie developer Dark Vale Games and he said (paraphrasing) “Wow… you guys really know how to pick the best clients … they’re all doing such interesting things.” I couldn’t agree more. Some of that is dumb luck, of course, but a lot of it is by choice.

We’re not a big agency and we don’t handle HALO or CALL OF DUTY.  Sure part of us would like to swim around in that obscene amount of gamer cash, but we started Maverick with the intent of choosing who we work with and the way we work.  We honestly feel that our client partners are some of the most innovative, creative and downright interesting people and products in the industry.  And it seems that everyone who went to E3 2012 agrees with us. Our clients ARE the best!
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The Maverick Team Knocks Out Yet Another E3 With Awesome Products, Tons of Coverage and Some Sweet, Sweet Awards!

Another June rolls by and another E3 is put to bed, this time with the Maverick team working on some of the highest regarded games and products at the show, from expected hits to sleeper surprises.

Read on below to check out some of the awesome games and products Maverick PR had the chance to work at this year’s extravaganza (in alphabetical order):
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PAX East 2011

The crack crew from Maverick PR East — and that means MavPR Partner Matt Frary — took on the monstrosity that is PAX East this year with the good folks from Eidos-Montreal and Square Enix.  Armed only with the mighty MavPR Canon EOS Rebel T2i, a tripod and a pop-up Deus Ex: Human Revolution banner, we conquered the show with media interviews and an enormous stage presentation of the best RPG-shooter of 2011!

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ASTRO Gaming MixAmp 5.8 and A*Stars in USA Today

ASTRO Gaming’s recently released Wireless MixAmp 5.8 and A*Star In-Ear Headsets were just highlighted in the latest issue of USA Today and their Technology Live blog.

No surprises here…they loved em.

“The Wireless MixAmp ($100; from premium video game equipment maker Astro provides wireless connectivity between your Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 to nearly all headphones, something that keeps the living room or den looking neat. Simply connect the wireless connector to your audio receiver and the headphones to the MixAmp unit and players get 7.1 Dolby Surround Sound.

Using its belt clip, you can attach the MixAmp and play fully wirelessly during new Microsoft Kinect and Sony PlayStation Move games. Astro’s new Blade Runner-esque looking In-Ear Headset ($80) usuable with the system, also has a sound baffling microphone so if you happen to use them outside the home, your cellphone calls come in clearer.”

Check out the coverage in your local hotel or hit the jump for the story — ASTRO in USA Today.

ASTRO Gaming Scout Backpack reviewed by Wired's Game|Life

If ASTRO Gaming has a peripheral to its award-winning A30 and A40 Headsets and Audio Systems it would have to be their Transport Series of gaming equipment bags.  Wired’s Game|Life was so intrigued by the studio’s gear hauling accessories that they decided to give the ASTRO Gaming Scout Backpack a spin.

The end result was a hearty recommendation from Wired and an 8 out of 10!

Read on for some quotes:

The Scout Backpack is mandatory gear for the geek on the go.

the Scout Backpack is designed with the gamer in mind. From the outside, the bag appears modest. But inside, it is lined with a buttery fabric that softly cradles all your gear.

The Scout’s versatile front compartment will make geeks truly happy.

While I moved around airports, the backpack’s exterior pockets — one for sunglasses and another ideal for quickly stowing a boarding pass and smartphone — got a lot of use.

the Scout’s convenient and thoughtful storage solutions have convinced me to permanently ditch the flimsy and uncomfortable shoulder bag I’ve previously been using to lug my nerd stuff around the country.

Seriously consider this bag for your next geek outing. Penny Arcade Expo is, after all, right around the corner.

WIRED Dazzling array of pockets that will hold anything a geek might want; luxurious inner lining protects your investments.

TIRED Thick fabric can get you a bit sweaty during prolonged use.

ASTRO Gaming A30 Audio System in July OXM

The editors at Official Xbox Magazine (OXM) got to spend some time with ASTRO Gaming’s latest on-ear, on-the-go, headset — the A30 Audio System — this past month.

The result: an 8.5 out of 10!

ASTRO was just shy of an Editor’s Choice award…something we plan to rectify next time around!

Overall, the editor’s loved the new ASTRO cans.  Here are some quotes:

“…you’ll love what you hear.”

“…at this price point you won’t do a whole lot better than the A30s.  The sound quality is amazing: the basses boom, the highs are wonderfully clear, and all of it comes from a pair of super-comfy headphones.”

“Amazing sound quality.”

“Incredibly comfortable headset to wear.”

That about says it all.  The review appears in the July issue of Official Xbox Magazine.

ASTRO Gaming MGS:PW Edition A30 Headset

Aaaahhhh…Words cannot adequately express my contentment with ASTRO Gaming and their insanely awesome products.  Yes, ASTRO is a client.  Yes, we at Maverick are soulless  schills.  Yet, their products remain insanely awesome in light of this seeming contradiction.

Put it this way, I use my ASTRO A40s every single day for hour after hour at work and then I turn around and use them for hour after hour of play.  Awesome!  I never leave home without my ASTRO A30s (in black) and they’ve now traveled all over the U.S., Europe, Africa and even Asia.  Still insanely awesome!

So, how does ASTRO repay my love for their products?!  By working with Konami to make a Special Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Edition ASTRO A30 complete with custom silver color and MGS speaker tags, is how!  Needless to say, I want them…and you should too.

Hit the jump for more info on the new MGS:PW-themed ASTRO A30s and an opportunity to pick up a copy of the game for only $20!

Astro Gaming

In the meantime, here are a few more images of the custom MGS:PW A30:

On Ear Action

Stealthy, Black

Hidden in the Snow, White

Standing Next to a Steel Drum, Silver

Astro Gaming A30 Audio System in June PC Gamer

The hit parade for ASTRO Gaming’s latest on-ear headset the A30 Audio System continues with an Editor’s Choice Award from PC Gamer whose editor’s gave the new cans a phenomenal score of 96%.

Here’s are a few comments from the reviewer at PC Gamer:

Astro’s A40 Audio System (97 % April 2008) might have been improved by including a small pet goat that coughed up wads of $20 bills every time you spanked it; other than that, they were-and are perfect for gamers who want a headset that does more than just reproduce great sound in games.

The earcups still rotate flat against your Chest when not in use, and the new “supra-aural” earcups rest gently on top of your ears rather than around them; they’re comfy, even after hours of continuous troubadour-stabbing in Assasssins Creed 2 , and leave your ears drier as well.

And, the sound is just about as good as you’ll ever get without actually being aboard the SSV Normandy while the ship is buzz-sawed into pieces by the Collectors.

And, while they’re both expensive, the way I see it, nothing’s more expensive than money spent on hardware you don’t love.

The review appeared in the June issue of PC Gamer, which is on shelves now.

BREAKING NEWS: PR Firm Finds Client’s Product to be “Awesome”

Ya ya… but in this case, it happens to be TRUE.  If you haven’t seen the news and review pouring in about the ASTRO Gaming A30 Cross-Gaming Headsets, you’re missing out.  Especially if you happen to be one of the following people on this earth:

  • Xbox360 or PS3 Gamer
  • PC Gamer
  • DS, PSP Gamer
  • iPod/iPhone, Blackberry User and Gamer
  • Skype User
  • Music Listener
  • Movie Watcher

OK, so I know you’re covered in that list. And if you are, than you already know how hard it is to find headphones that can let you listen and talk through Xbox Live, move to your PC, and then still be cool looking enough and flexible enough to plug into your iPhone and take out on the streets.

This is what the A30 does.  But don’t take my word for it.  Check out IGN’s review, where the A30s receive the highest headset rating to date. Take that Tritton and Turtle Beach.  🙂

I use mine every day to Skype, talk on my Berry, listen to music, and to kill YOU in Left 4 Dead 2 PC.