ASTRO Gaming A30 Audio System in July OXM

The editors at Official Xbox Magazine (OXM) got to spend some time with ASTRO Gaming’s latest on-ear, on-the-go, headset — the A30 Audio System — this past month.

The result: an 8.5 out of 10!

ASTRO was just shy of an Editor’s Choice award…something we plan to rectify next time around!

Overall, the editor’s loved the new ASTRO cans.  Here are some quotes:

“…you’ll love what you hear.”

“…at this price point you won’t do a whole lot better than the A30s.  The sound quality is amazing: the basses boom, the highs are wonderfully clear, and all of it comes from a pair of super-comfy headphones.”

“Amazing sound quality.”

“Incredibly comfortable headset to wear.”

That about says it all.  The review appears in the July issue of Official Xbox Magazine.

Astro Gaming A30 Audio System in June PC Gamer

The hit parade for ASTRO Gaming’s latest on-ear headset the A30 Audio System continues with an Editor’s Choice Award from PC Gamer whose editor’s gave the new cans a phenomenal score of 96%.

Here’s are a few comments from the reviewer at PC Gamer:

Astro’s A40 Audio System (97 % April 2008) might have been improved by including a small pet goat that coughed up wads of $20 bills every time you spanked it; other than that, they were-and are perfect for gamers who want a headset that does more than just reproduce great sound in games.

The earcups still rotate flat against your Chest when not in use, and the new “supra-aural” earcups rest gently on top of your ears rather than around them; they’re comfy, even after hours of continuous troubadour-stabbing in Assasssins Creed 2 , and leave your ears drier as well.

And, the sound is just about as good as you’ll ever get without actually being aboard the SSV Normandy while the ship is buzz-sawed into pieces by the Collectors.

And, while they’re both expensive, the way I see it, nothing’s more expensive than money spent on hardware you don’t love.

The review appeared in the June issue of PC Gamer, which is on shelves now.