[NOTE: After unexpected technical issues during the launch of Basement Crawl on PS4, Bloober Team issued the following open letter to players]

Basement Crawl was released on the 25th February. Since launch, we have encountered several unexpected issues with the Global Multiplayer mode, including many players who have experienced problems with connecting to games, lag and spawning issues, among other glitches. We are very sorry that players have had to deal with these issues and it is not what any of us were expecting. We can assure you we will be fixing these issues and issuing an update in the very near future. Read more

Bloober Team’s indie multiplayer game Basement Crawl hits Europe today and already hit the scene in North America yesterday, which means Playstation 4 players around the world are now battling it out in classic Bomberman-inspired strategic showdowns.

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YES, this game looks awesome. YES, it’s coming out next week.  And YES you should buy it, especially if you’re one of the 5.3 million+ proud owners of the PlayStation 4 and you’re looking for something fresh at a great price.

At the time, you can support innovative indie developers like Bloober Team who are doing great things like bringing back local multiplayer and creating games that reward SKILL instead of grinding for gear and upgrades.  Ya… I’m implying that this is that game… and they are doing that… oh just read the release and get ready to buy it! Read more

The awesome developers over at Bloober Team continue to work hard on delivering the most fun multiplayer experience on next generation systems, as they get closer and closer to releasing Basement Crawl.  Today the team has released several new screenshots, showing off some of the gameplay, traps and characters in-action in this multiplayer instant-classic.

Check out the screens below and keep and eye out for more Basement Crawl updates and, eventually, a release date, very soon! Read more

The First Must-Have Download for PS4 ReleaseS First Must-See In-Game Screens

As many have once again discovered, console launches often bring launch games that don’t quite measure up to the titles that will be available at the end of the console cycle.  I mean look at the classics that have released just this year: The Last of Us, GTAV, Beyond: Two Souls…  innovative and beautiful, these big-budget games milk every last drop of power from the last gen systems. Read more

Bloober Team has released the first teaser trailer for the indie PS4-exclusive launch title, Basement Crawl.  This game is one creepy action-packed download that will give PS4 buyers a truly unique experience for their new systems.

Check out the video above and some additional details below!  Also, join Bloober on FACEBOOK for all updates!  Read more

bloober-team-logo-01mavgearlogo base with name_FINAL INVERSE copy

We here at Maverick PR have worked with all kinds of developers and publishers, from some of the largest global video game companies like Vivendi, Square Enix and Ubisoft, right on down to smaller, independent developers like the amazing folks at Kiz Studios and Dark Vale Games.  It is exactly this variety and the breadth of experience that comes with working on both blockbusters and unknown IP, that makes us who we are.  And we love it.

In an interview last year, we very publicly stated that we were looking to do more work and create more partnerships with independent developers, to try and elevate the groundbreaking work and innovative designs that sometimes got lost in the shuffle of AAA blockbuster releases and multi-million dollar PR budgets.  We think that some of the most exciting, engaging and creative titles of the coming generation — as well as some of the most explosive growth in our industry– will explode from the independent development over the next five-to-ten years.


We’re excited to be on the forefront of this trend, and we are genuinely excited to announce that we are continuing to expand our work with independent developers by partnering with Bloober Team and their awesome upcoming PS4 launch title, Basement Crawl.  Basement Crawl is a very creepy, very interesting game that combines elements of Bomberman and Spy vs Spy and drops it right into the PS4 download ecosystem with macabre art and settings and multiplayer action.

When gamers get their new consoles, they will quickly realize that Basement Crawl is a unique experience to PS4 and is the first must-have download for the new system.

We’ll be telling you a lot more about this game in the coming weeks, so stay tuned and keep an eye out!