We’ve been fortunate enough to work with LEVEL-5 on many of their recent titles as games have made their way from Japan to North America and Europe. Specifically, we’ve been able to help bring the titles from the 3DS, Japan-only multi-pack, GUILD01, to NA and EU.  Our most recent activity?  Bringing SUDA51’s awesome sci-fi shooter LIBERATION MAIDEN to the iOS devices.

Now the reviews are coming in, and the media seem to agree – LIBERATION MAIDEN on iOS is a really fun game!  Check out some of the reviews below. Read more

Face-Punchingly Good.”  Shouldn’t that be an official ’nuff said??  How about: “I can’t pledge on Kickstarter fast enough”  Still not enough?: “…I’m a believer.”   The media LOVE FORGE.

We’ve been crowing about Dark Vale Games’ awesome new indie game FORGE for some time now, telling people that its mix of FPS speed and MMO abilities was creating something totally new and very fun.  But screenshots and teaser trailers can only go so far.

Pre-order FORGE now for a special early-adopter price: $15 via the official Kickstarter Page.

That’s why we hit the road with Tim Alvis, COO/CTO of Dark Vale Games, to visit some of the top gaming sites in the world and offer up some hands-on time.

The Pyromancer lights up the beautiful "Forest Ambush" map

If we ever needed to validate our opinions about this game, we sure got it on this trip.  The media loved the vision and the execution of FORGE and especially loved thumping the PR rep in a the quick head-to-head matches we played on the gorgeous Unreal Engine 3-powered maps.

We’ll leave it up to the outlets to tell you what they thought via the articles below.  You can also nab a peek at the game in-action in the narrated walkthroughs embedded below (note: the maps are designed for 8v8 – 24v24, not 1v1, so they are demonstration only).

IGN – “Rocket-jumping wizards? I can’t pledge on Kickstarter fast enough…What’s admirable here is that Forge isn’t expecting to own a massive audience out of the gate – it’s trying to earn a community with good ol’ fashioned great game design.”

MMORPG – “Face-Punchingly Good PVP… I can tell you that while Forge may be difficult to describe to the uninitiated, its gameplay will be instantly comfortable to aficionados of the MMO and FPS/TPS genres.”

GAMESRADAR – “FORGE looks like it’ll be a great romp for gamers looking to test their skills without investing hours into acquiring gear before they can compete.”

GR recorded a GREAT walkthrough session.  Check it out!

GAMESPOT:  Take a look at GameSpot’s quick gameplay sesssion!

MASSIVELY -“…there’s a lot to love about Forge, and I think that anyone who gives the game a fighting chance will find something about it to keep him around… I think Forge definitely deserves our attention.”

GAMESBEAT:  “Dark Vale Games is like the Gordon Ramsay of independent video game developers. The studio took two industry staples — massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) and first-person shooters (FPS) — trimmed the fat, added its own special spices, and simmered everything under medium heat until the recipe was fit for public consumption.

GAMEZONE: “If you’re the kind of gamer that is always going, ‘man, they should have done this…’ well  here’s your chance to put your money where your mouth is.”

DIGITAL NOOB – “This week I was able to check out FORGE firsthand, and it is definitely one of the top games I’m anticipating the release of. It takes the best things of MMOs (the PvP), Shooters (in your face action) and MOBAs (the even playing field) and mashes them together in a great way….I admit that I was skeptical at first, but after meeting with the guys and spending some time testing out the game, I’m a believer.”

Be sure to also watch Totalbiscuit’s hands-on demo and interview right here:

** Stay tuned for more updates and be sure to register for the BETA and check out the Kickstarter Page!**

ScarygirlScarygirl for XBL, PSN, PC (, Square Enix


When something straight-up awesome-looking comes floating across a game PR person’s desk, that’s when our jobs become even more fun than they already are.  And for anyone who has seen even a teensy bit of Nathan Jurevicius’ award-winning graphic novel Scarygirl, they already know that awesome-looking doesn’t begin to describe the eye-patched, tentacled, stitch-mouthed cute girl with a  hook…

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Square Enix and the Final Fantasy XIV team recently pulled back the curtains on some pretty major development plans for the future, including huge changes, updates and upgrades that will take Final Fantasy XIV into the future. If you missed the announcement, you can check it out via the Lodestone at

This is an exciting time for the game and its fans, as the Company shows off its commitment to quality and the franchise by sharing the rather impressive roadmap for future improvements and content changes while, at the same time, highlighting all of the hard work and quality upgrades that have gone into the game to date. Read more

FFIV:TCC Screenshot
Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection is Now Available for Sony’s PSP… Go Find It!


We’ve had the distinct pleasure of working with Square Enix on TWO amazing titles for PSP this year, Tactics Ogre which shipped earlier this Spring, and now Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection which is now available and is being received by top gaming media with great review scores!  Read more

Matt mugs his best “STANDARD INTERNET DORK POSE” A Camera Angle Which Other MavPR Partners Find Decidedly LESS Funny Than Matt Does. Shame, Really. :-p


“I don’t mind dying, but I’ll be damned if I die early and miss out on time with my son simply because I couldn’t stop eating crappy food or because I was too lazy to get my ass off the couch.”
– MavPR Partner Matt Frary in GamerFitNation’s True Gamer of the Week Profile

One of your favorite young video game sites, GamerFitNation, has selected Maverick PR Partner Matt Frary as their “True Gamer of the Week” this week. This is a totally fitting title and the perfect site to profile Matt, because his nearly obsessive man-love of P90X has kept him neatly trim for more than 7 months now.  We’d post a picture of his rock-hard abs here, but it would be far too overpowering for teh Internets to handle.

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TRT BoxTomb Raider Trilogy released a couple of weeks ago and we here at Maverick PR were a bit excited to jump into the fray and do a little bit of work with one of the most iconic video game characters of all time. 

Tomb Raider Trilogy combines three awesome Tomb Raider games into one amazing package for PlayStation 3. And if that’s not enough for you, all of the games have been re-mastered in HD to make them look even better than before.  Still not enough?  Well, don’t pick up that phone because the package also includes some PS3-exclusive items like avatar rewards and a special theme.

It’s an amazing deal — so if you missed the games on PS2, go get this now.  If you played them on PS2 and love Tomb Raider, go get this package now.  Don’t believe us – and really – why would you?  Just read some of the reviews!

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BUST-A-MOVE UNIVERSEI don’t know, you might’ve heard that some Japanese company is about to release some new version of some video game platform that everyone seems to love… errr… or something, like, I think it has 3d??

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GameSpot's Exclusive Look Hits on the X360 Page

GameSpot – along with a handful of other outlets – nabbed a private demo with us last week and had a chance to delve deeper into Square Enix’s upcoming action game, Mindjack.  All of this during a first look preview tour Maverick put together in San Francisco.

While all of the outlets we visited will be posting their thoughts on the game shortly, including 1UP, Gamepro, GamesRadar, Worthplaying, and many more, GameSpot is first out of the gate with their exclusive first break, along with a new video and exclusive video interview with Square Enix’s Johnny Fournier.

If you’re not familiar with Mindjack, it is an unusual game that combines single and multi-player action in to a unifying, intense and always different experience.  The way I try to explain this is imagine that you fire up your single player campaign as normal but at any time, you might discover the enemies your are battling and squad mates fighting by your side are controlled by other gamers somewhere in the world through Xbox Live and Playstation Network.  Now THAT’s good AI. 🙂

Take a look at the video interview on GameSpot below – some pretty cool stuff happening in the world of Mindjack.  And be sure to visit the game on it’s Facebook Page and “Like” away!

NY Times, NY Post, G4TV, Tech-Gaming, Kotaku All Agree The Experience of NIER is Unique and A Trip Worth Taking

NY Times Review

Seth Schiesel's NIER Review in NY Times Dove Deep Into Story and Mature Content

NIER continues to surprise and delight reviewers across all levels and genres of media from the New York Times to Kotaku to GamePro to G4TV.  We’re really excited to see all of the great coverage coming out and also to see that reviewers are taking the time to evaluate the game on its entire experience, rather than getting hung up on individual points of contention.

Let’s face it, this is just a highlight reel of some cool reviews, so let’s get to it…

The New York Times, as seen above, said:  “…if you reduce Nier to its constituent parts, there are plenty of games that surpass it in each area. But Nier never feels disjointed and it stands as an achievement in using many different styles of gaming in the service of a coherent, compelling whole.”

The NY Post weighed in with a B+, saying: “On its surface, Nier is just an action RPG. Below that, however, is a wonderfully complex tale with characters you’ll root for.”

G4TV came through with a 4/5 in their review that went on X-Play.  Is this because of someone’s dashing face appearing on that show earlier this year?  Decidedly yes, in my humble opinion… but it could just be the game too…

GamePro joined the fray, judging the game to be a “…fun title in its own right, creatively melding hack-n-slash gameplay with traditional RPG elements, and topped off with a bizarre, yet engrossing story.” 3.5/5 stars

Kotaku, which doesn’t assign scores, agreed, saying in their very positive review: “As I played, I was pleasantly surprised to find a complex action role-playing game with some big ideas, a daring storyline, flashy combat, and enough extra content to satisfy even the most obsessive compulsive role-playing fan.”

Tech-Gaming agreed, awarding NIER with a B and saying: “While the title does have a few niggling faults, it is also delightfully compelling as hours evaporate with each subsequent dungeon.”

This is all great news for NIER.  Have you tried the game yet?  You should.  Learn more at or go ahead and find out more right where you spend your day hiding from work responsibilities at

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