Destructoid Feature on Supreme Commander 2

Destructoid is running a week-long video feature story highlighting several of the new Experimental Units in Supreme Commander 2.  The videos are narrated by Gas Powered Games’ own Chris Taylor and will appear over the course of the following week starting with Monday’s Noah Unit Cannon.

Today’s featured Experimental Unit is The Kraken!

Check it out, here — Destructoid

Today we take to the sea, with an exclusive look at “The Kraken,” a Cybran faction experimental submarine in Supreme Commander 2.

“It has a very intimidating look,” says Gas Powered Games Chris Taylor. “Its looks match its firepower.”

Obviously designed after the mythical sea monster of the same name, Supreme Commander 2’s Kraken can be used to destroy nearby ships, aircraft, as well as enemy submarines. The Kraken’s usefulness isn’t confined to water, however — bringing the unit close to shore will allow it to attack structures and land units.

Be sure not to miss yesterday’s look at the “Bomb Bouncer.” Tomorrow we take a look at a Supreme Commander 2 unit inspired by the real-life AC130 gunship, the AC1000. Yes, the discrepancy in numbers gives you a good idea of what we’re dealing with.

Steve Fawkner over at Infinite Interactive — the folks behind the fabulous Puzzle Quest franchise — made an appearance on Destructoid this week to discuss the upcoming Puzzle Quest: Galactrix.

Here’s a snippet:

I got more than 60 hours out of the original Puzzle Quest. Do you think I’ll get the same amount out of Galactrix?

Steve: Yeah, definitely. To get through the main story in Galactrix I think you’re looking at 20, maybe 30 hours if you just did the main story through. There’s a bunch of side missions, like in Challenge of the Warlords. Also there are areas where you can mine, trade, and build new ships. It’s a lot more of a sandbox deal, this one. There’s easily more stuff to do and collect. I can see people playing 90 or 100 hours, including everything.

Colette: Well, there goes the rest of February.

Nick: Yeah, thanks a lot Steve. Now Colette’s not going to get any work done.

Steve: Affect global productivity, that was our aim with this game. Plunge the world into a deeper financial crisis.

Feel free to check out the interview in all of its glory here.